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Agnes AP Barr Invergordon shannon class

After delays as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the state-of-the-art Shannon class vessel arrived at her new home of Invergordon early November, fully equipped with the latest Class 50 DuroWiper Pantograph windscreen wiper system.

The RNLI latest class in the all-weather fleet, the Shannon class all-weather lifeboat coming in at £2.1million was seen as a fitting replacement for the stations current Trent class lifeboat which is nearing the 25 year life service, and a step towards the RNLI’s goal of an all 25knot fleet. The Shannon is supported by a wiper system with unrivalled underwater capabilities. The Shannon class is able to rotate 360 degrees and the wiper system will continue to operate.

The Shannon carries the name ‘RNLB Agnes AP Barr’ and holds RNLI 13-37 on her hull, depicting the 13m of the vessel length and 37 indicating the 37th Shannon class lifeboat built.

Agnes A P Barr in memory of the main donor Agnes Arthur Paton Barr, who left in excess of £1m to the RNLI to fund a lifeboat on the east coast of Scotland. Mrs Barr was an RNLI member with a long family history of support for the RNLI, having funded numerous projects in Scotland during her lifetime, passing away at the age of 97.

Andrew Murray, RNLI Coxswain at Invergordon Lifeboat Station, says: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Agnes A P Barr to Invergordon. The volunteer crew at Invergordon Lifeboat Station feel honoured to receive something which means so much to so many people and will last for years to come. We feel privileged to be able to launch with people’s memories by our side, while helping those in need in all weathers.”

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