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Aker Solutions Delivers Johan Sverdrup Platform Jacket on Schedule

Today Aker Solutions delivers yet another steel substructure for the largest industry project ever in Norway, the Johan Sverdrup field.

Previously, the company has delivered three platform jackets for phase 1. With this jacket for phase 2 of the project, four out of a total of five jackets have been built and delivered from Aker Solutions’ yard in Verdal, Norway.

All platform substructures have been delivered on time, quality and budget. A key focus during the work has also been to improve execution models and to adapt for new types of jobs. As a result, future platform jackets for oil and gas and for renewable energy production can be delivered at a lower cost and with increased competitiveness.

Through the frame agreement entered into in 2014, and in international competition, Aker Solutions was awarded three out of four jackets for the first phase of the project.

The first delivery was the riser platform jacket in the summer of 2017. This was the largest and most complex platform jacket delivered from Aker Solutions to date, and the first visible installation at the new Johan Sverdrup field centre.

In March 2018, we delivered the steel substructure for the drilling platform, and in July of that year the process platform substructure was delivered.

Today, exactly on schedule, the process platform substructure for phase 2 sails from Verdal.

Johan SverdrupJohan Sverdrup jacket at Verdal, Norway

“This is an exciting and important day for us. Through great cooperation with Equinor, we have delivered all four of these platform jackets at the agreed quality, time and budget. I am very pleased that our customers confirm that we are a supplier that offers an attractive combination of technical expertise and cost-effectiveness,” said Sturla Magnus, executive vice president and head of Aker Solutions’ topside and facilities business.

In total, the deliveries from Aker Solutions in Verdal make up about 90 percent of the total weight of the substructures for the combined phase 1 and 2 of the Johan Sverdrup field. More than 100,000 metric tons of steel are delivered from Aker Solutions’ facility in Verdal, including the piles that attach the jackets to the seabed. In addition, Aker Solutions’ facility at Stord has delivered a topside as well as a large module for the Johan Sverdrup field.

“We are very pleased today. We have extensive experience in providing the customers with complete and seamless deliveries. In recent years, we have also increased industrialization for how we execute projects. This, combined with long-term relationships in the supplier market, makes it possible for us to offer flexibility to our customers. We are now delivering as planned despite a year of major challenges with COVID-19. Together with our employees and partners, we have found good solutions that enable us to deliver the jacket to our customer Equinor without serious injuries during the execution,” said Erik Stiklestad, Aker Solutions’ yard director at Verdal.

Johan Sverdrup illustrationIllustration of Johan Sverdrup phase 2 (Photo: Equinor)

Aker Solutions delivers integrated solutions, products and services to the global energy industry. We enable low-carbon oil and gas production and develop renewable solutions to meet future energy needs. By combining innovative digital solutions and predictable project execution we accelerate the transition to sustainable energy production. Aker Solutions employs approximately 14,000 people in more than 20 countries.



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