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Alphatron Marine uses vintage tugboat for maritime training employees

JRC/Alphatron Marine is a company that is very active in the development, manufacture, supply, installation and service of a wide range of maritime navigation and communication equipment. The company was founded in 1991 by experienced people in the shipping industry, who know what the customer wants and what the world in which they operate is concerned with. Due to the decreasing number of people who have sailed and/or have a decent knowledge of the industry, there is a gap that is difficult to fill. To fill vacancies, it is now often necessary to invite candidates who have little knowledge of shipping and its facets.

With the use of the Steenbank tugboat, Alphatron Marine will be the first company in the sector to start providing so-called ‘Mariniser training’ for employees. In addition to the company’s history, training will be given in maritime concepts, typical habits, names, but also a bit of awareness of what is involved in the port of Rotterdam and beyond. The maritime world is a world that you either attract or not and by getting acquainted with it in practice, JRC/Alphatron Marine hopes to increase the appeal of our industry.

In the late 1950s, the former coastal/harbour tugboat Steenbank, together with its sister ship Schouwenbank, was ordered by L. Smit and co at the Bodewes construction yard in Millingen aan de Rijn to assist the ever-expanding ships in the then new Europoort. With a diesel electric propulsion and a capacity of 1250hp and 13 tons of pulling power, these tugs were large and strong for that time.

After the Steenbank had sailed for years for the New Rotterdam towage Service (NRS) and the Belgian Navy, the ship was sold for scrapping in 2015. A group of enthusiastic people with a great passion for tugboats bought the ship and renovated her with the help of largely volunteers from the tugboat port of Maassluis.

The ship has again been transferred to an NRS, but now the Nostalgic Rotterdam towage  Service BV, a non-profit BV where all proceeds will be used to maintain the ship.

There are also opportunities with the Steenbank for other interested companies that are confronted with a lack of knowledge. It is possible to use your own trainer or one of the volunteers.

For more information, please contact: Steenbank.NRS@gmail.com

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