Renewable EnergyWave & Tidal PowerApollo Offshore Engineering Through to final of the Wave Energy Scotland Programmme!

Apollo Offshore Engineering Through to final of the Wave Energy Scotland Programmme!

We have been selected by Wave Energy Scotland (WES) to share nearly £1.8 million of funding to demonstrate our quick connection system. We have successfully progressed to Stage 3 of the programme which will focus on the physical demonstration of the technology.

The Pull and Lock Marine (PALM) connector designed by our marine and offshore team of designers, engineers and naval architects provides robust, reliable, and repeatable hook-up of a Wave Energy Converter (WEC) moorings and cable in one singleshort, simple marine operation.

We utilised learnings from our offshore floating production area to design this innovative technology to work and last in the harsh marine environment. After progressing through the previous two rounds and funded by the Scottish Government, we have now been invited to make a demonstrator-scale prototype of the PALM. The prototype will be field-tested in Q2 of 2022.

By relying on trusted marine expertise these demonstrators will reduce cost, risk, and duration of offshore operations for wave energy. We have been active within the renewables sector for the past 10 years and are passionate about contributing to the green economy.

Nigel Robinson, our Marine and Offshore Director, said: “Working through the concept and FEED stages of this programme has really helped us focus our concept on a neat, practical solution for a variety of mooring permutations.  The PALM offers real promise at array scale deployments, where boat time can be significantly reduced with substantial cost savings.  Going into Stage 3 we will be proving the system to an advanced Technology Readiness Level, ready for full scale demonstration with suitable WEC partners.  From a little nut of an idea a great PALM has grown!”

Nigel added:

“This award continues to highlight Apollo’s work across the energy transition and renewable sector and establishing Apollo as one of the most trusted engineering partners.”

Commenting on the awards,

Tim Hurst, managing director of WES said:“This programme will develop technology that will reduce the cost of wave and tidal energy and ultimately help marine energy play a part in Scotland’s net-zero future. Connecting and disconnecting devices quickly and remotely will increase safety in offshore operations, and the wider potential for these technologies is significant across offshore and subsea applications.”

Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport – Michael Matheson said:

“With our abundant natural resources and expertise, Scotland is ideally-placed to harness the enormous global market for marine energy whilst helping deliver our net-zero economy. The Scottish Government has long-supported the sector – not least through Wave Energy Scotland, which continues to help the sector grow and develop through its world-renowned funding programme. My congratulations go to Apollo, Blackfish Engineering Design and Quoceant for securing the funding announced today. Finding ways to help develop wave energy commercialise is one of the key goals for the sector, and I look forward to these projects helping deliver that goal and drive forward what is one of the most exciting technologies available to us on our journey to a net-zero economy.”

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