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ARESA SHIPYARD Awarded Contracts For Nine ARESA 1300 SENTINEL II Patrol Boats

ARESA SHIPYARD is a world leading ship builder specialized in military and defense vessels. Having more than 60 years of experience in this sector. We build a wide range of vessels, ranging from 60-metre-long OPV, IPV PATROLS, defense patrol boats to RHIB military boats, as well as coastal surveillance patrol boats and military interceptor vessels that provide support to different navies worldwide, applying cutting-edge military marine engineering technology in all.

ARESA SHIPYARD S.L. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the for nine ARESA 1300 SENTINEL II model, for different African clients. The first 5 units are already in production and will be delivered between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

The ARESA 1300 SENTINEL II model is the evolution of the successful SENTINEL I model. This new version will be entirely built-in naval aluminum and will have an integral armor system in its main cabin. Fitted with outboard motors, for its easy handling and maintenance, as well as other special equipment for the development of its functions, such as a thermal and night vision camera and a rigid defense for military application, among many others. The ARESA SENTINEL model can be equipped with different propulsion systems depending on the missions to be carried out, reaching speeds between 55 and 60 knots in its quadruple outboard version.

It is the definitive tool to tackle all types of coastal surveillance missions at high speeds, with total protection for your crew and a high level of comfort in the most adverse conditions. The ARESA SENTINEL model is mainly used for missions to protect strategic installations, coastal and port areas, and inspections and control in any coastal area.

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