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Asis Boats Deliver High-Performance Navy Boats to Albanian Ministry of Defence

Asis Boats, a leading manufacturer of high-performance vessels, is proud to announce the successful delivery of a significant order placed by the Albanian Ministry of Defence. The order included two rigid inflatable boats measuring 9.5 meters in length, four rigid inflatable boats measuring 7.5 meters in length, and seven fully inflatable boats measuring 4.7 meters in length. Each 9.5 meter rigid inflatable boat was equipped with twin 250 HP Mercury SeaPro engines, while the 7.5 meter rigid inflatable boat boasted twin 150 HP Mercury SeaPro engines.

A standout feature of these military navy boats is the innovative Air Hull® design, exclusive to Asis Boats. The Air Hull® is engineered to provide exceptional performance and enhanced functionality. This unique design ensures a dry ride for occupants, minimizing water spray and ensuring a comfortable experience even in challenging conditions. The streamlined reversed chines of the Air Hull® significantly reduce drag, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and increased speed. These cutting-edge hull features exemplify Asis Boats’ commitment to delivering state-of-the-art vessels that excel in performance and operational effectiveness.

These navy boats were meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of the Albanian Ministry of Defence. Their black colour gives them a distinctive appearance, while some boats in the order were tailored with gun mounts, ensuring versatility and effectiveness in various operational scenarios.

The Albanian Ministry of Defense’s decision to procure these boats from Asis Boats serves as a testament to the company’s reputation as a trusted supplier of military-grade vessels. Asis Boats remains dedicated to delivering products that meet the complex requirements of defense organizations worldwide, further solidifying their position in the industry.

With this successful delivery, Asis Boats continues to make significant contributions in the field of maritime defence, providing governments and organizations with top-of-the-line vessels that enhance their capabilities and ensure the security of their waters.

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