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Ballast Incline 34m Trawler

Another busy week at Macduff. This week we conducted the final ballasting incline test on a new build 34m Trawler, currently being built by Macduff Shipyards. The results allow the vessel to have final ballast fitted for trim and list correction prior to departure to Fraserburgh for final docking before handover. These works see the culmination of a project which started two years ago with vessel tank testing at the Wolfson Unit to analyse optimal hull form and length options.

The 34m stern trawler designed in collaboration between Macduff Shipyard and Macduff Ship Design consists of a modern layout with accommodation to suit a crew of 12. Accommodation on the vessel is split between the main deck, trawl deck, and shelter deck. The main deck also houses a large galley, provisions store, mess and lounge for crew and an extensive fish processing area. Extending the full length of the boat the trawl deck has sweep winches situated forward with the main trawl winches port and starboard amidships.

We are proud to have worked alongside Macduff Shipyard on this project providing them with the necessary Naval Architecture services they required. 



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