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Baltic Workboats Delivers Wave-Piercing Patrol Boat to Belgian Police

Baltic Workboats is delighted to deliver Patrol 22 WP model to Belgian Police. Patrol 22 WP is based on Baltic Workboats proven 22 meter wave-piercing hull series platform, which is already in use in Belgian Police, Belgian Pilots and Romanian SAR.

The 22m Baltic wave piercing, self-righting patrol boat is designed for superior seakeeping at high sea states, minimum vertical accelerations, fuel efficient at high speed and low noise and vibration levels.

Baltic Workboats AS is a growing shipyard with modern facilities and a highly skilled workforce of more than 150 people. Over the last 15 years, the company has designed, built and delivered more than 150 highly versatile vessels, which are in service with governments, companies and research institutions in twelve countries around the world.

“Our design, engineering and construction teams are delivering workboats with proven designs around the world. These vessels fulfill the customer’s needs, providing them an even safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly product – a workboat that just performs in many sea conditions.

They work because they’ve been built, they’ve been tested, and they’ve proved they’re seaworthy performance in real-life situations. We’ve taken a new approach to the workboat industry. Baltic Workboats wave-piercing technology is making a significant difference, providing unrivaled seakeeping in high seas and reliability that is unmatched.”

– Margus Vanaselja, CEO


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