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Baltic Workboats Secures Contract For Two Hybrid Pilot Boats

Baltic Workboats announce the signing of a contract with the Port of Klaipeda in Lithuania for the delivery of two state-of-the-art hybrid-electric PILOT 17 WP Hybrid pilot boats. This contract, valued at approximately €6,500,000, represents a significant milestone in their ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainable maritime solutions.

These will be the first pilot boats built with hybrid-electric propulsion by Baltic Workboats, marking a major advancement in our green technology initiatives. Scheduled for delivery at the end of 2025, these cutting-edge vessels will play a crucial role in the green transformation of port operations in Klaipeda.

The hybrid-electric PILOT 17 WP pilot boats are designed to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact, aligning perfectly with global efforts to promote cleaner and more sustainable marine transportation. The concept is based on the well-proven Baltic Workboats PILOT 17 WP platform where approximately 240 kWh energy storage system, electric motors and hybrid drivetrain is installed to allow fully electric, hybrid or diesel operation. Vessel is designed to sail at least 15 NM @ the speed of 7 knots in fully electric mode while the top speed of PILOT 17 WP will be over 25 knots.

By combining Baltic Workboats’ proven pilot boat platform and comprehensive in-house knowledge in hybrid propulsion systems they are confident that PILOT 17 WP Hybrid will best match the Customer’s operational requirements.

The Port of Klaipeda is Lithuania’s largest and most important seaport, serving as a critical hub for maritime trade in the Baltic region. Committed to sustainable development and environmental responsibility, the port continuously strives to implement innovative solutions to enhance its operations and reduce its ecological impact.

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