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Blue Orca Marine & VALO Join Forces to Propel Hydrofoil Innovation

Blue Orca Marine, a Canadian pioneer in zero-emission sustainable marine solutions, proudly announces a strategic partnership with San Francisco based VALO, a leading provider of innovative hydrofoil systems. This collaboration marks a significant step towards revolutionizing eco-friendly maritime transportation.

Under this partnership, VALO will provide Blue Orca with high-powered industrial hydrofoilling systems tailored to the ORCA vessel, an innovative 36-metre versatile commercial workboat powered by zero-emission hydrogen technology. VALO will contribute hydrofoil design expertise and proprietary foil stabilization software for the anticipated construction of 50 ORCA vessels by Blue Orca over the next decade.

ORCA sets new standards for utility workboat platforms, boasting a range of 1,000 NM, cruising speeds of 40 knots, a 375 square metre work deck, and a 300 metric ton payload. Designed as the “pick-up” truck chassis for mid-size marine workboats, ORCA’s customizable deck can play a pivotal role in decarbonizing numerous coastal maritime sectors, including ferry/personnel transportation, short-haul high-speed freight, marine service & support, eco-tourism, and offshore energy operations.

Rich Robillard, CEO of Blue Orca Marine, remarked, “Our partnership with VALO will drive us closer to our vision of a sustainable and decarbonized maritime industry. Hydrofoils are integral to ORCA, making our long-term collaboration with VALO crucial.”

This collaboration leverages VALO’s expertise in hydrofoil technology, known for its efficiency, performance, and delivering a quieter, smoother, and wake-free experience. By combining the power of hydrogen technology with hydrofoil efficiency, performance, and low wake disturbance, ORCA eliminates harmful emissions and reduces erosion in sensitive maritime ecosystems, contributing to a cleaner and greener future for marine transportation.

“We are excited to join forces with Blue Orca Marine to advance our hydrofoil technology in sustainable commercial marine workboats and transportation,” said Ed Kearney, CEO of VALO. “Together, we aspire to redefine the possibilities of zero-emission hydrofoilling commercial vessels.”

The partnership between VALO and Blue Orca Marine embodies a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and pushing the boundaries of marine transportation. Together, they aim to pioneer a new era of zero-emissions hydrofoil vessels, setting a precedent for a cleaner and more efficient maritime future.

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