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Boluda Towage acquires Les Abeilles 

With over 150 years of tradition, Les Abeilles was created in 1864 and is a benchmark company in the French maritime sector, contracted by the Marine National for rapid response rescue and anti-pollution interventions. The company has carried out more than 200 successful maritime rescue operations over the last 20 years.

Les Abeilles brings all its experience at Boluda Towage to optimize efficiency, safety, and responsiveness in emergency manoeuvres.

The company diversifies its activities even further, by increasing its “24/365”  maritime rescue response capacity, providing a quick and rapid response to adverse situations in extreme weather conditions, offering strategic coverage along the French and Northern European coasts.

This acquisition will enhance Boluda Towage’s capacity to act in case of offshore spills, with highly qualified equipment and state-of-the-art technology. Boluda Towage will also emerge as a new key player in the wind energy markets, supporting the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

The company will add a total of 6 vessels to its fleet; four tugs, one multipurpose vessel and one AHTS tug. Three of these tugs are based on the coasts of the Canal de la Mancha under the names of Abeille Bourbon (Brest), Abeille Liberté (Chebourg), Abeille Normandie (Boulogne sur mer). The Abeille Méditerranée is based in Toulon, in the Mediterranean Sea. The other two vessels to be incorporated are the multipurpose vessel Jason (currently in Toulon) and the AHTS tug Abeille Horizon (Chebourg).

Boluda Towage France will take over the management, shore staff and crews of Les Abeilles, a team of more than a hundred skilled professionals.

Vicente Boluda Fos, Chairman of Boluda, said: ‘Our company, in France and its overseas areas since 2007, is deeply rooted in the region. One of our main characteristics is our strong commitment to create jobs and growth in this country. We are a centenary family company at a key moment in its history, becoming a world leader in the towage sector. The incorporation of Les Abeilles and its operational experience will be a further step in our growth”.

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