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Ship & Boat BuildingFerriesBy catamaran through the Croatian archipelago

By catamaran through the Croatian archipelago

Many mtu engines are in service in the Adriatic, bringing ferry passengers swiftly and safely to their destination. Two recently built high-speed ferries built by Spanish shipyard Gondan Astilleros for cruise and ferry operator Krilo Kapetan Luka were equipped with twin mtu-brand 16V 4000 M63L units. 

Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Each year, more and more holidaymakers flock to the Balkan republic to enjoy its idyllic beaches and 1000 islands and islets. Particularly popular is the city of Dubrovnik – ‘Pearl of the ‘Adriatic’ – whose old center is a UNESCO world heritage site. Gliding through pristine waters and past the varying landscapes of Croatia’s archipelago, the Krilo Star and Krilo Lux catamarans ply the route between the cities of Dubrovnic and Split. Thanks to their special design and the powerful mtu engines that propel them, the catamarans cover the distance, including stops, in around four-and-a-half hours. 

The Krilo Star and Krilo Lux catamarans are made from non-corrosive glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) and are the fastest catamarans in this class ever to be built from GFRP in Spain. The innovative wave-piercing hull design facilitates smooth, comfortable, and easily maneuverable travel. Even when travelling at its top speed of 34.5 knots (almost 64 km/h), passengers hardly even notice the sea swell and sea-sickness on board is hardly an issue. The Croatian ferry company Krilo Kapetan Luka is a loyal mtu customer and most vessels in its fleet are powered by mtu engines. World-renowned mtu marine propulsion combines low weight and compact design with high-performance and outstanding reliability, and also boasts an extremely long service life –  crucial characteristics for passenger ships and ferries. Each of the 16-cylinder Series 4000 units installed in the Krilo Star and Krilo Lux delivers 2,240 kW. 

The Krilo Star is equipped with two 16V Series 4000 engines, each delivering 2,240 kW.
The Krilo Star is equipped with two 16V Series 4000 engines, each delivering 2,240 kW.

The Krilo Star, added to ferry operator Krilo Kapetan Luka’s fleet in 2019, is 9 m wide, 32 m long, and offers space for some 303 passengers. As it plys the waters between Dubrovnik and Split, it stops off at the islands of Mljet, Korčula und Brač. The Krilo Lux went into service in 2020. 36 m in length and 10.5 m in width, it is a larger vessel than the Krilo Star and can carry up to 440 passengers. It likewise shuttles between Dubrovnik and Split, making stops at the islands of Hvar, Korčula und Mljet. 

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