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Combining Technology, Processes and People for a Comprehensive Cyber Security Offering

As the world leader in secure global mobile satellite communications, Inmarsat is committed to delivering cyber-resilient digital services and mission-critical connectivity to its global customers. It’s Global Xpress (GX) network, for example, has been built to meet stringent security requirements from the outset.

Thanks to Inmarsat’s unique satellite payload design and systems architecture, the GX network is highly resistant to interference, whether accidental or deliberate. For the shipping industry, it provides global coverage and unparalleled speeds powering Inmarsat’s market-leading maritime connectivity service, Fleet Xpress, which delivers critical communications and value-added services in dedicated pipelines to maximise performance and minimise security risk.

Among Inmarsat’s portfolio of digital services is Fleet Secure, a suite of specialised cyber-security solutions comprising Endpoint, Unified Threat Management (UTM), secure email, and Cyber Awareness training for crew.

Fleet Secure Endpoint uses an advanced ransomware detection engine to identify malicious encryption attempts, instantly cutting off access to all files on the affected device if such an attempt is detected and preventing any viruses from spreading to other systems. With security data monitored around the clock, Endpoint provides continual alerting and reporting to improve the security of onboard devices and prevent attackers from gaining access to the vessel network using even the most sophisticated methods. Additionally, a suite of management tools offers functionality including the Risk Assessment module, which helps users to demonstrate IMO 2021 Cyber Security Compliance.

Managed via an online portal and backed by a dedicated Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), Fleet Secure UTM is a comprehensive toolkit of network security services designed to protect the vessel network in its entirety. By intelligently scanning all connected networks for malicious traffic, UTM safeguards against cyber-attacks and intrusion from infected devices. It also provides real-time digital security status updates, allowing the user to monitor and mitigate network threats as they arise.

Fleet Secure Cyber Awareness, meanwhile, is a crew training programme that is available free of charge to all Fleet Secure Endpoint users onboard the vessel. The solution allows owners or managers to track training completion rates and share reports with authorities on demand. Questions are updated frequently, and the crew can retake the test to refresh and maintain their knowledge and competencies.

Yet Inmarsat’s commitment to cyber resilience extends far beyond the provision of any individual, security-focused solution. The company is certified to recognised global security standards, including ISO 27001 and the UK Cyber Essentials Plus scheme, and operates in line with the five pillars of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cyber Security Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.


Inmarsat’s Security Strategy, Policy, Planning, Governance & Risk team proactively monitors, assesses and manages risk in line with relevant legal and regulatory obligations. Engaging across all areas of the organisation, the group identifies cyber threats and leads strategies to tackle these threats through a combination of people, processes and technology.


Inmarsat maintains an ongoing investment in cyber security as a core element of its network and customer services so that systems are defended and protected to the highest industry standards – well beyond commercial best practices. The company’s dedicated Security Engineering function ensures that cyber security is embedded throughout the lifecycle of its technology and services – from inception and production to operation and end-of-life.


Inmarsat’s CSOC deploys a range of industry-leading technologies to monitor and detect threats, including the latest methods of attack, across all of the company’s core infrastructure, networks and services. Any irregular activities are investigated by Inmarsat’s cyber-security experts.


In the event of a cyber threat, Inmarsat’s Incident Response and Forensic Investigator teams conduct a thorough evaluation of security alerts, collecting and analysing all available intelligence related to the identified threat to mitigate its impact.


Part of a wider Business Continuity Plan, Inmarsat’s Cyber Incident Response Plan includes procedures for the recovery of systems and operations following a breach, ensuring minimal operational impact.

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