Saturday, April 1, 2023

Creation of Bourbon Horizon AS, a new leader in offshore operations in the harshest environments

BOURBON & HORIZON MARITIME are pleased to announce a new joint venture, Bourbon Horizon AS, dedicated to providing leading marine services and operations, focusing on the North Sea and Canadian offshore markets. Incorporated in Norway, the new company is strategically positioned in Fosnavåg (Norway) and St. John’s (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada), with a base fleet of seven modern and capable offshore support vessels: five PSV’s, a large AHTS with WROV and a MPSV currently configured for Subsea and trenching services. 

Cliff Gaetz as Managing Director of Bourbon Horizon AS will be supported by Bjørn Remoy and senior Operational leads, Ståle Kyrkjedelen and Colin Doody.

The partnership builds on natural synergies and shared values between the two shipowners, BOURBON and HORIZON MARITIME. With extensive experience in the harshest offshore environments, Bourbon Horizon AS will also offer comprehensive ship management services to other shipowners in the industry. With more than 200 dedicated and experienced employees, including a deep pool of experienced seafarers from all over the world, Bourbon Horizon is well-equipped for any project. 

Rodolphe Bouchet, Bourbon Marine & Logistics CEO: « Entering this strategic partnership with Horizon Maritime represents a tremendous opportunity to strengthen our current position in the North Sea markets. The Bourbon Horizon AS JV will also support the consolidation of the OSV sector in harsh environments, while achieving substantial economies of scale, to allow the creation of a diversified and particularly competitive offering. »

Cliff Gaetz, Bourbon Horizon MD: « Horizon is pleased to partner with Bourbon Marine & Logistics, a global leader in the offshore service market and I’m excited to join my colleagues in this joint venture. Bourbon Horizon AS will combine our expertise in challenging offshore environments, focused on delivering modern equipment, experienced personnel, innovative solutions, and exceptional value in support of offshore oil & gas and renewable projects. »

Bjørn Remøy, Bourbon Offshore Norway MD: « This strategic joint venture combines two groups specialized in the offshore sector, with cultures and visions aligned on the future of the offshore industry. Bourbon Horizon AS intends to support our customers through ongoing market recovery, and active participation in the development of offshore renewable energy and oil & gas projects. » 

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