Saturday, April 1, 2023

Golden Energy Offshore Services AS has secured bring to work contract for its MPSV Energy Duchess and a medium term contract IDC

Golden Energy Offshore Services AS (GEOS) is pleased to announce two contracts with first class Charterers for the vessel Energy Duchess.

GEOS has secured Bring to Work (B2W) contract for its MPSV Energy Duchess and a medium term contract in direct continuation.

The vessel will be mobilized with a Bring to Work system (B2W) of Z-Bridge make, and her role will be to accommodate and bring technicians and equipment to offshore work locations. Several of her MPSV capacities and capabilities will beutilized throughout.

The job is up to 14 days duration and mobilization in Rotterdam will commence week 12 after completion of her present spot job. Operation area will be UK sector of the North Sea and work scope is decommission and recycling with the highest green profile.

The system is set up to reach landing heights of 20 meters above LAT for the people-transfer and cranage up to same height.

In direct continuation of the B2W job – Energy Duchess has entered into a mid-term contract on the Norwegian Continental Shelf with a first class, international operator. The contract is for a firm 50 days + options until 13.july 2023.

Golden Energy Offshore is grateful to be shown the trust and get the possibility to demonstrate the vessel’s capabilities within W2W/B2W operations.

We will have good use of our long experience from W2W/B2W operations – both sailing crew and the administration look forward to prove their abilities.

Energy Duchess is, with the two new contracts, secured 100% utilization for rest of Q1-23 and throughout most of Q2-23 at attractive levels. With Energy Swan and Energy Empress remaining on term contracts all Company’s 3 vessels have full firm backlog till 1. May when Energy Swan firm contract expire.

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