Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Enova strengthens its investment in new technology in the maritime sector

Enova launches pre-project support for energy and climate technology in maritime transport. The program is scheduled to be launched during March / April 2022.

– The government aims to halve emissions from domestic shipping and fishing by 2030. Enova’s efforts to restructure shipping have yielded good results in battery electrification and land and charging power. With this program that supports new technology, Enova will help develop solutions for ship segments where battery electrification is not enough alone, for example through hydrogen, ammonia or various hybrid solutions, says Minister of Climate and Environment Espen Barth Eide (Labor).

– Ships that use environmentally friendly fuels and use new technology are necessary to achieve the goals. That is why we at Enova have in recent years had high activity within early market introduction of battery-electric solutions and associated infrastructure for maritime transport, says Gunnel Fottland, marketing manager for transport at Enova.

Supports those who lead
Emissions of greenhouse gases will be reduced by 50 percent by 2030 for domestic shipping and fishing. Enova is a driving force for Norway to reach the climate goals for 2050. Enova does this by supporting those who are at the forefront of technology development.

-This program will provide the applicant with a more robust basis for later being able to apply for investment support on the program “Full-scale innovative energy and climate technology”, says Fottland.

Accelerates technological change
In the future, Enova will focus more on late-phase technology development and solutions that will be part of the long-term transition to 2050. Emission reductions will require the phasing in of low- and zero-emission solutions in all segments and vessel types. Where the battery alone is not sufficient for emission-free operation, there is a need for development and introduction of new technology and other energy carriers.

– The use of new and innovative climate and energy technology often involves high investment costs and is associated with risk. This requires large investments compared to conventional ships that use known technology. This is where we at Enova come in with our support, to accelerate this technological change of heart, says Fottland.

About the new Enova program
Support for technology projects in maritime transport takes place through Enova’s existing technology programs.

The target group for the new Enova program is applicants with the potential to use new energy and climate technology in maritime transport.

The full-scale program is open to all types of solutions in all sectors, but the target group is limited to players in the value chain for maritime transport. The actors must have chosen a technology for their project that they want to have documented and studied before a possible full-scale application.

The program is scheduled to be launched during March / April 2022.


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