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MG Energy Systems powers Acta Marine hybrid workboat

In addition to the existing fleet of workboats, Acta Marine released their newest vessel. The Coastal Crown is a hybrid electric workboat. This vessel is the most environmentally friendly workboat in the current market. The workboat sets a new benchmark as it is fitted with so-called Tier III engines combined with a 300 kWh MG battery-pack. As a result this vessel has the highest fuel saving rate. Another unique feature that makes this possible is its draft, which is less than 2 meters! This results in a 73% reduction of nitrogen gasses and a 20% reduction of carbon emissions.

The Coastal Crown hybrid workboat will serve for different work activities. On board you will find 2 hydraulic deck cranes, 30 tons bollard pull and accommodation available for up to 19 persons.

Coastal Crown Hybrid Electric Workboat

High voltage lithium-ion battery bank

A high voltage MG battery system with a capacity of 300 kWh provides the vessel with the energy it requires. The vessel uses this energy for:

  • Hybrid Electric Propulsion, together with the onboard generators
  • Dynamic positioning (DP2)
  • Bow thrusters
  • Equipment
  • Hotel load

The MG battery bank is built up of 3 parallel strings. Each parallel string contains 12 lithium-ion batteries. All of these 12 batteries are connected in series. This serial connection results in a battery voltage of around 600Vdc. Therefore the battery voltage is the same voltage as the main DC busbar. As a result no conversion is needed and this results in a high efficient system with a minimum of energy losses.

Single Line Diagram Coastal Crown

Electric installation

Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek BV from the Netherlands was responsible for the system integration. Their project leaders took care of the entire electrical installation on board together with the electricians from shipyard Bijlsma. All together they did a terrific job!

Clients and stakeholders

Customer: Acta Marine

Shipyard: Shipyard Bijlsma

System Integrator: Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek

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