Friday, December 9, 2022

VETUS Launches Most Powerful DC Thrusters to U.S. Market

VETUS is introducing the world’s most powerful DC thrusters to the U.S. market at this year’s Miami International Boat Show. The new BOW PRO Boosted 300 series are the highest output thrusters yet in VETUS’s expanding lineup of advanced BOW PRO units.

Suitable for boats up to 30 m/95 ft, the new BOWB285, BOWB300 and BOWB320 offer users significant benefits when compared to conventional thrusters.

Skippers and crew using the latest VETUS units can be confident they can extensively use their thruster system when docking or manoeuvring without the fear of overuse or overheating issues. All thrusters in the unique VETUS BOW PRO Boosted range enable boat owners to experience innovative DC-to-DC charging technology, exceptionally quiet operation, precision proportional control and long runtimes.

Chris DeBoy, U.S. President, VETUS MAXWELL, said: “VETUS’s technology guarantees its thrusters are the best quality solution for almost every boat. Making life easier onboard, the BOW PRO Boosted units combine features like the unlimited runtime, full-proportional control and built-in charger, with no maintenance on the brushless motor. They also answer growing demand for easy integration with 48 V.”

Expanding the VETUS BOW PRO thruster family to 22 models, the Boosted 300 series are the first BOW PRO units in the 300-mm tunnel range and provide 40 percent more output at 285 to 320 kgf force.

The units charge the bow thruster’s batteries using VETUS’s renowned internal three-stage charging process. This solution enables connection to a 24-V power supply to recharge the 48-V battery bank to keep the thruster batteries at their optimum level.

Installation and maintenance of BOW PRO Boosted thrusters is fast and easy, with the units integrating seamlessly with the proprietary VETUS V-CAN system for plug-and-play convenience.

The BOWB 300 series can be used with VETUS’s standard proportional control panels – the BPPPA single thruster paddle panel, the BPPJA single thruster joystick panel with hold-to-dock functionality and the DBPPJA 360-degrees double thruster joystick panel. As the BOW PRO is V-CAN controlled with CAN-bus protocol operation, the thrusters also offer the opportunity for interaction with other compatible devices, such as docking systems, for optimal performance.

VETUS is continuing to expand the BOW PRO Boosted range, with units for the 400-mm tunnel range available to the market soon.


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