Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Pentland Floating Offshore Wind Farm announces Stiesdal technology selection 

Pentland Floating Offshore Wind Farm has announced it will use Stiesdal Offshore’s innovative TetraSub concept, the world’s first fully industrialised floating technology, as the floating foundation structure for the project.

The technology offers a lightweight and cost- effective floating solution, based on factory-made modules which are then assembled domestically in port to form a complete foundation. This innovative concept reduces manufacturing hours and transportation costs, while providing more opportunities for local supply chain. 

“Pentland is a world leading project that will demonstrate new floating offshore wind technology, while increasing energy security and reducing costs to the consumer. To achieve this, new floating offshore wind technologies must be deployed at scale to demonstrate and accelerate cost reduction and industrialisation potential.

“By working closely with Stiesdal, we aim to combine our significant capabilities and the innovative technologies on offer to play a key role in the future development of floating offshore wind.”

Project Director, Richard Copeland

Stiesdal’s previous work is already providing valuable lessons for industry and Pentland through initiatives such as their tank testing work at University of Edinburgh’s world-leading FloWave research facility. This activity exposed the TetraSub concept to conditions similar to those found at many floating offshore wind sites such as Pentland, ideal for assessing robustness, reliability and effectiveness. The results of this testing confirmed the technology as one which was an ideal fit for the needs of the project.

The collaboration marks an important milestone for the project as we move ever closer to construction.

The technology and learnings from Pentland will inform the development of future floating projects in Scotland and the UK, such as ScotWind, INTOG and Celtic Sea, and the deployment of floating offshore wind globally, while contributing to building a strong local and national supply chain for the industry.

Find out more about the project, here:

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