Sunday, December 4, 2022

Seawind Ocean Technology announces a collaboration with Seatech Solution International focusing on design of semi-submersible floating platforms.

The Industry Collaboration Agreement between SeaTech Solutions International (S) Pte
Ltd. (‘SeaTech’) and Seawind Ocean Technology Holding B.V. (‘Seawind’) will leverage
on Seawind’s well thought-out construction and assembly approach of its integrated
floating offshore wind turbines to design semi-submersible floating platforms.

SeaTech will provide Seawind with the basic design of the semi-submersible floating platform according to international standards and specifications. Seawind and SeaTech will co-own any related Intellectual Property.

The semi-submersible floating platforms are a key component in Seawind’s integrated
approach to construct the concrete floating foundations and subsequently lift and assemble
the tower, the nacelle, and the blades of its floating offshore units.

Seawind has started the permitting steps for a turbine production and assembly facility in a
port area in Italy, where the first newly designed semi-submersible floating platform will be
deployed and commissioned as early as Q4 2024. This facility will also include a cement and
batching plant, as well as a blade manufacturing workshop.

Upon finalising the design, SeaTech would then provide a full design package of the semi-
submersible floating platforms, which will include the detailed design, 3D modelling, and the
full set of construction drawings.

About Seawind

Seawind Ocean Technology designs and produces with its tier-one partners integrated
floating offshore wind energy systems composed of a two-bladed wind turbine and a concrete floating support structure, which can be deployed in deep (60+ meters) and ultra-
deep (up to 3,000 meters) waters and in cyclonic areas.

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About SeaTech

SeaTech Solutions International has built a strong reputation in vessel design and
engineering excellence since its establishment in 2000. Its compendium of over 380 unique
designs showcases extensive expertise, innovation and technology, propelling the company
as a centre for marine and offshore excellence, offering a complete suite of competencies in-house, from design to engineering and consulting. To date, over 640 vessels operating
worldwide bear the SeaTech hallmark of energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

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