Thursday, June 8, 2023

St. Johns Ship Building Announces the Second Keel Laying Ceremony for AWT’s Offshore Wind, Crew Transfer Vessels

St. Johns Ship Building held a keel laying ceremony on January 18th for the second of the series of aluminum crew transfer vessels (CTVs) used to service the offshore wind farm industry. The announcement follows the Jones Act shipyard’s acquisition by Americraft Marine last May. The crew transfer vessels will be servicing U.S. offshore wind projects for construction, operations, and maintenance.

The Chartwell Ambitious aluminum catamarans have the capacity to transport 24 personnel to and from wind turbines with speed, safety, and stability. The vessels were commissioned by the Rhode Island-based Atlantic Wind Transfers (AWT), which participated in the ceremony that continues in the St. Johns’ partnership with AWT to build future-focused vessels.

“We are very pleased to earn the trust of Charles Donadio, Jr. and the teams working with Atlantic Wind Transfers.  This keel laying ceremony represents the second Chartwell designed Ambitious now under construction as we work hard to keep facility and infrastructure improvements just ahead of our construction goals” said Jeff Bukoski, President of St Johns Ship Building, VP of Business Development of Americraft Marine Group.  “Our diverse portfolio of projects will continue to support vessels that will help American shift towards energy independence and a cleaner, healthier environment.”

Charles A. Donadio Jr, Founder of AWT said: “This is another milestone for Atlantic Wind Transfers as we lay the Keel for our second crew transfer vessel at St. John’s as AWT continues to expand its CTV fleet to support offshore wind construction and O&M in the U.S.  It was an honor to have representatives from the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville, FL leading the ceremony with the Keel Stamping of Hull #175 as well as much gratitude to all the SJSB shipyard employees, Americraft Marine Group, Chartwell Marine and all of our vendors that are supporting these vessels through construction and into service for our future clients.”  AWT and its team are looking forward to launching these CTVs in the months to come and putting them right to work.”

The Ambitious Class, Chartwell Marine’s flagship CTV design, will be U.S. Jones Act-compliant, certified under United States Coast Guard (USCG) Subchapter L and able to operate at any offshore wind farm in the U.S. under the safety and inspection standards of the U.S. Coast Guard. AWT currently operates the only two crew transfer vessels in the U.S. under long-term contracts, servicing the Block Island Wind Farm for Orsted and Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Farm (CVOW) for Dominion Energy.

About Americraft Marine

Americraft Marine, a maritime subsidiary of the U.S.-headquartered privately-owned business group Libra Group, was launched to support and strengthen the U.S. shipbuilding industry and infrastructure with the goal to build St. Johns Ship Building as a center of excellence in Jones Act ship building. This includes building on its 15 years of experience to help grow the number of stable, skilled jobs in the shipbuilding business, while advancing the U.S. economy, competitiveness, and clean energy future.

About Atlantic Wind Transfers:

Atlantic Wind Transfer’s corporate headquarters is located in Quonset Point, Rhode Island.  AWT is an owner/operator of U.S. Jones-Act Compliant, USCG Certified transfer vessels and offers fully qualified trained crew along with an experienced marine management team.  AWT currently services the only two U.S. offshore wind farms the Block Island Wind Farm and Coastal Virginia (CVOW).

About St. Johns Ship Building

Based in Palatka, Florida near Jacksonville, St. John ship Building leads in the new construction and repair of a wide variety of steel and aluminum vessels, including ferries, tugs, deck and tank barges, landing crafts, and general cargo vessels. Significantly, it also one of the few U.S. shipyards that is currently building vessels that support and service offshore wind farms.

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