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JFA Yachts builds new crew vessel for French lighthouses service.

French shipyard JFA Yachts and naval architecture studio Archi-Delion are proud to announce the signature of a public procurement for building a crew vessel to France’s Lighthouses and Beacons Service. This fast, reliable and robust polyester crew vessel will enable the transportation of 12 passengers and up to 1.5 tons of materials on the front deck. Licensed as CE category C, this vessel will be in charge of guaranteeing maintenance and supply to the Iroise Sea’s lighthouses at less than 20 miles from the shore, disembarking passengers and unloading goods to and from those lighthouses.

This motor boat will replace Françoise de Grace, an old pilot boat built in 1993 and adapted to serve, since 2013, the Lighthouses and Beacons Service.

Since its creation, JFA Yachts has designed and built yachts that are able to guarantee not only comfort but also a completely safe sailing experience, even under the most difficult conditions, to clients coming from all over the world. Nowadays, over 30 new builds and 40 refits, among sailing and motor yachts, be it monohulls or multihulls, aluminium or composite, all sail around the world with JFA Yacht’s signature.

In 2021, JFA Yachts added a new hall dedicated to the construction of large composite pieces which were in the past made by subcontractors. This new addition allows JFA Yachts to diversify its offer, especially towards the composite vessel market. In fact, such specific market lacks of players in France. JFA Yachts, whose competences are renowned for its technical facilities, is capable of building composite boats in compliance with class society standards. The shipyard is also used to working with professional crews.

The first market approaches and study started at the beginning of spring 2022 and JFA Yachts had the opportunity to be able to work on different quotations.

While JFA Yachts oriented itself towards workboats, the idea to contact Archi Delion came naturally, as they had previously worked together. This naval architecture studio has a vast experience in this kind of boats.

Since its creation in September 2001, more than 150 different models of boats have been studied by this studio and have seen the light.

The studio has the strong ability to design all types of vessels and to master the different types of materials used in naval construction (composites, aluminium, steel or plywood-epoxy).

As for the shipyard, JFA Yachts will be in charge of the construction of this custom-workboat through the implementation of its know-how and competences in terms of naval construction and high quality technical facilities.

The “Sea proven” hull collection, proposed to reply to this demand, has been developed by Archi Delion for over a decade for exigent professional applications such as pilot boats, lifeboats or police boats.

Six pilot boats and five motor boats, flying to date the government action’s colors at sea, have this type of versatile hull designed to efficiently respond to the entire performance spectrum. They mainly guarantee a smooth passage in high seas and particularly very good stability for operations conducted at low and medium speed in beam seas or following seas.

This development is accompanied by diverse numerical studies (CFD studies in rough sea) and sea trials (speed assessment in inland sea) followed by analysis with specialists to control values and the user’s sailing experience).

Such missions demand a capacity to perform accurate sailing operations and to stay agile, in spite of the sea conditions, while keeping a very good visibility of the environment. To this respect, a significant part of the work done has been concentrated on the wheelhouse (disposition and position) as well as on the boat’s general stability (general proportions and gravity center position). Working on the stability aspect has enabled to master the windage and to enhance the operation of approaching in side wind with a quite specific inconvenience regarding the limited boat width when approaching certain lighthouses.

The firm has particularly paid attention to free the fore-deck and the space below the rear roof in order to maximize the storage capacity.

Lastly, it was important for the architect to focus on the work conditions affecting the members of the crew that are subject to stay on board sometimes for extensive periods of time through:

– Reduced sound level and vibration by positioning the funnel at the stem of the boat;

– Secured and ergonomic manoeuvring spaces (easy to reach hand rails and storage);

– A smooth passage of the stem that generates reduced sea spray (efficient unbending by the board to prevent the deck and the windows/glass panels from getting wet.

– Good visibility of the surroundings/environment from all the seating spaces in order to enhance coordination and work between all the members of the crew (mainly the raised helm station) but also the installation of zenith glass panels aiming at visualizing the manoeuvres with the lighthouses.

This project represents a stepping stone for JFA Yachts and Archi Delion that have worked in close collaboration to offer a custom solution meeting the ship owner’s specific needs. Their expertise and know-how have been recognized by the Lighthouses and Beacon’s Service that has selected their proposal aiming to ensure the Iroise’s Sea Lighthouses security and proper functioning.

The delivery of this new motor boat is expected by autumn 2024.

“This project has been developed through regular and constructive exchanges with the Lighthouses Technical Service and its crew with the objective of guaranteeing their complete satisfaction.

We are delighted to participate in this important project and are looking forward to seeing this workboat for the Lighthouses and Beacons Service in action”.

Gaël DOUGUET, Sales Manager at JFA Yachts

Hull:                                                               Composite Glass Polyester

Length overall:                                                                        18,71 m

Waterline length:                                                                    17,05 m

Overall width:                                                                           5,29 m

Draft:                                                                                       1.65 m

Lightweight displacement:                                                        28,3 T

Main engine:                                                  2x Volvo Penta D16 850 Hp

Full load speed:                                                                   19 knots

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