Wednesday, December 7, 2022

NSK Ship Design delivers new wellboat design to Ervik Havfiske and Husøy Fiskeriselskap

The battery-hybrid wellboat of 2800 m3 – NSK 6126 – is NSK Ship Design’s fifth wellboat. The design has been developed in the region over time, and will be an energy-efficient vessel that reduces the CO footprint and ensures gentle and hygienic handling of live fish. The boat is also ready for delivery to exposed locations. The vessel will be delivered to Ervik Havfiske and Husøy Fiskeriselskap.

The aquaculture industry is very important to NSK Ship Design. Over time, the company has built up great expertise in the design of vessels and aquaculture facilities. The industry is growing and the players have a great will to make the industry even more sustainable.

– Together with the agreement on the design of Hydra for Nordlaks, entered into earlier this month, we have already in 2022 entered into contracts for the design of aquaculture facilities and ships at a total construction cost of over one billion. This strongly motivates us to continue our ongoing work to develop the next generation of design within both vessels and aquaculture facilities, says Mats Nygaard Johnsen, CEO of NSK Ship Design.

– In exposed farming, we are currently working on several exciting projects, where we take with us the expertise from previous and ongoing aquaculture designs, and especially the Havfarm projects, but also the Hydra project, which was contracted earlier this month. We are very much looking forward to the continuation, Nygaard Johnsen concludes.

Will build three vessels

This is the first of a total of three planned well boats for Ervik Havfiske and Husøy Fiskeriselskap:

– A newbuilding is a big decision, and it was important for us to have an experienced wellboat designer with a thorough and documented design. We look forward to offering an efficient and environmentally friendly boat in the market, says Rolf Bjørnar Tøllefsen, one of the owners of the company.

He also highlights the company’s permanent partner Sparebank1 Nord-Norge, which has given them the opportunity to realize the project:

– We have faith in the wellboat market and especially in northern Norway, says Tøllefsen – We see there is a shortage of wellboats in the market, and expect growth in the industry, both exposed and with species other than salmon. 

But what is a wellboat?

A well boat is a type of vessel used in the seafood industry. It has rooms, also called wells, where seawater circulates so that the fish can be transported alive from fish farms to slaughterhouses. Well boats are also used to transport smolt to the facilities, and to de-lice fish. 

– According to the plan, this will be the first of initially three vessels, and which will give us a modern and efficient fleet. We want to keep our plans to ourselves for a while longer, but it is no secret that we have great faith in the northern Norwegian market, says Tøllefsen.

The first vessel has a well volume of 2800 m3 and will be built at Sefine construction site in Turkey, with delivery in the first half of 2024.

The vessel is equipped with a robust battery hybrid power and propulsion system, dynamic positioning system, as well as shore power connection, and which together energy recovery and other measures provide significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

We look forward to following boat number one until delivery, but also to develop vessels number two and three together with the shipowners. We look forward to continuing the collaboration with Ervik Havfiske and Husøy Fiskeriselskap, concludes Nygaard Johnsen.


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