Wednesday, December 7, 2022

New ‘Bow Push Modules’ for Commercial Rib Charter Open Ribs for Shore End Cable Landings

Commercial Rib Charter frequently provide vessels for Cable Shore End landings, most often in the UK but also in Europe.

You will see our services at the shore end landings include Dive Support Vessels, often utilising CRC Sentinel with her 4-point anchor spread and built-in surface supply dive kit. Crew Transfers are frequently provided by CRC Galaxy and CRC Voyager due to their very shallow drafts and multiple Open Ribs and smaller Cabin Ribs are ideal at assisting with positioning of the cables prior to landing.

It’s these smaller vessels that are crucial to the landing. Often, we experience strong tidal flows and it’s the role of these vessels to ensure the cable is kept from bending beyond the specified radius and to ensure the cable gets ashore and laid accurately in the trenches dug out for them. Often multiple vessels are required to attach to the cable to ensure a successful landing. To this end, and after listening closely to our clients requirements,CRC have now designed and fabricated ‘Bow Push Modules’ to aid the operation.

Cable lay fleet

These are retractable bows that allow the ‘pusher’ to be above the waterline for transit to site but are then quickly and safely deployed on arrival at the landing area.  The modules are lowered or raised by a simple pully system operated by the deck hand. Once down, the vessels use the bow pushers to push on to the cable rather than pull which means there is no need to physically attach to the cable and provides over 2000kg of bollard pull allowing for faster and safer manoeuvrability around the cable as it’s being fed.

The units are tested to 2000kgs and certified accordingly.  They can be fitted in less than an hour so should there be other requirements of the vessels where they would cause a problem, they are simple to remove and store.

CRC have built multiple units and have vessels available 24/7 365 days per year, all easily transportable using our fleet of vehicles and trailers.


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