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On Friday the 12th of November Työvene delivered yet another new generation coast guard boat to the Finnish Border Guard in Uusikaupunki. The delivery was the fourth of the seven RV20 series vessels built by Työvene.
– With these vessels, we have advanced in development for decades to come, praised Rear Admiral Markku Hassinen, Deputy Chief of the Finnish Border Guard, who received the delivery.

The fourth new generation Coast Guard vessel was handed over to the Finnish Border Guard on Friday, 12th of November, in Uusikaupunki. The boat is one of seven vessels in the RV20 series and they are all built at the Työvene shipyard in Uusikaupunki. The first three new-generation Coast Guard vessels are already in use and the fourth vessel will be stationed in Kotka.

The Swiss army knife of boats
According to Markku Hassinen, the new vessels are as versatile in equipment as a Swiss army knife. 

– We are still at the stage where we are gaining experience, but our first impressions of the vessels have been encouraging and it can be said that the shipyard has succeeded in enabling the vessels to comprehensively perform various tasks, says Markku Hassinen.

The vessels will be able to make longer patrols than before, which is important as the Border Guard’s coastguard stations have been reduced in numbers.

– For example, the distances in the Gulf of Bothnia are long. Our former boat fleet was intended for day patrols, but with such a vessel we can be present exactly where we are needed, Hassinen says and continues:
– I can honestly say that with these vessels we have advanced in development for decades to come.

juha borderguard ceremony
Photo: Rajavartiolaitos

A result of good collaboration
The vessels, with an aluminium hull and a length of 20 meters, will replace the old iron-framed coastal patrol boats. The vessel can be used for both border and maritime safety and rescue missions, as well as for combating environmental damage. Vessels have also been assigned systems and capabilities to perform military national defence missions. The vessel can be used during all seasons and is designed to break up to 20 centimetres if solid ice. 

Juha Granqvist, CEO of Työvene, is very pleased with the results that can now be presented, but also points out that the collaboration between Työvene and the Border Guard has been crucial:

– The keys to success have been our experienced hard-working employees, realistic schedules, and excellent collaboration with the customer, Granqvist says and continues:

– We have been working closely with the Border Guard’s technical team to develop a new unique vessel concept. This has enabled us to refine our internal processes and the results are already reflected in the improved quality of our products and in keeping budgets and schedules in place.

All photos by: Rajavartiolaitos

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