Wednesday, May 31, 2023

EAGLE-ACCESS introduces its state-of-the-art W2W simulator training

EAGLE-ACCESS (EA) is introducing its state-of-the-art Eagle-Access Academy for practical on-site simulator training purposes and demonstrations. Centerpiece of the Academy is the most advanced simulator equipment, technology and instructional tools to provide future operators with a superior access training experience. Virtually standing on the bridge of a supporting DP vessel while lifting 4 people in a cabin to their work, without having to overcome a height difference using a gangway. This is not science fiction, but pure reality. This is Walk-to-Work the EAGLE way.

Using a professional training programme, crane operators can now be trained onshore on a simulator on how to perform their EA-work at sea in the best and safest possible way in all circumstances. The training takes only a few hours because the EAGLE system, in many ways,  resembles an offshore crane. Therefore the transition from qualified crane operator to EA operator does not require expensive or extensive time-consuming training courses. 

The major advantage of the simulator, located at EAGLE-ACCESS’s headquarters in IJmuiden, is that realistic situations can be recreated risk-free. “It is our mission to providing excellent services at all times and to optimise the standard in safety and efficiency in the offshore access industry worldwide,” claims Marco Klitsie, General Manager of EAGLE-ACCESS.

In fact, the simulator is a digital copy of offshore reality. Working offshore in all circumstances, day and night, good and rough sea state conditions and all motions of the vessel can be simulated and hence be trained. Both the simulator and the EAGLE system share the exact same software. With these digital twins operators can practice on and test in a virtual world.

With the simulator EAGLE-ACCESS instructors can influence all of the user’s senses appropriately. This is done by projecting images around the future operator, evoking the feeling of what movements ship (6 DOF) and EAGLE system make in a simulated situation. At the EAGLE-ACCESS Academy new operators are being trained to make them ready to react to even the most difficult situations offshore.

The simulator can also be used for demonstrations of the actual access system for parties interested therein. Marco Klitsie: “We are happy to provide them with the opportunity to imagine themselves in an offshore wind farm, transferring both people and cargo, working on realistic heights and in every condition.”


The robust EAGLE-ACCESS system is a single, fully balanced and electrically driven offshore transfer system, to lift technicians and goods weighing up to 1,000 kg at sea in complete safety from a vessel on DP to wind turbines or fixed oil and gas platforms.

The stair-free system without gangway has no diesel driven engine, but uses board power supply, there are no hydraulic elements involved, it is noise-free and it can placed everywhere on deck of a vessel.

It is instantly transfer-ready, because there is no gangway involved. Transferees simply board a closed cabin and are lifted in a very relaxed way to their offshore workplace.

Being compact, uncomplicated and easy-to-use, transfers with the EAGLE system can be made safe, reliable and cost-efficient. It is very accurate and easy to operate. Specially trained EA operators are not needed. After successfully completing the short training course at the EAGLE-ACCESS Academy, the vessel’s on-duty crane operator can remotely control the transfers with ease from the bridge.

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