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Crowley rollout of BareFLEET vessel monitoring advances operational efficiency

Global marine, energy and logistics company Crowley has signed an agreement with remote vessel monitoring specialist Reygar to use its flagship BareFLEET vessel monitoring system. The technology will help create sustainable fuel and operational efficiency in harbor ship assist tugboat markets.

Installation of BareFLEET this summer on the Athena, Apollo, and Valor follows the original, successful pilot installation on the Los Angeles-based tug Hercules in 2021.

Crowley’s sustainability commitment to reach net-zero emissions is driving the company’s innovation of ship assist tugboats to maximize environmental and performance efficiency. Crowley is working with Reygar and the company’s fleet management system provider Helm Operations, to generate essential data to empower crews and managers to adopt more efficient, fuel saving operational practices.

BareFLEET’s integration with Helm’s CONNECT platform allows Crowley to report fuel consumption and emissions data on a per-job basis. This helps Crowley identify opportunities for fuel savings and receive greater visibility on fuel costs. The system also monitors vessel health and performance, enabling Crowley and crews to understand the potential for reducing maintenance costs through more efficient operations, improved maintenance planning, and a better understanding of machinery performance trends.

During the trial of BareFLEET on Hercules, Crowley’s data science team worked with vessel crews to identify opportunities for reducing fuel consumption and emissions, based on traditional energy bunkering sources.

“BareFLEET empowers our crews and vessels with visibility on operations to reach our commitment to net-zero emissions. The insights provide our marine and shoreside teams more understanding about how we operate and how we can reduce our carbon footprint as part of Crowley’s overall decarbonization strategy,” said Paul Manzi, vice president, Crowley. “BareFLEET’s capabilities enhance our decision- making on operations and maintenance – benefitting our customers and the communities where we serve.”

Chris Huxley-Reynard, Managing Director of Reygar, said: “Crowley’s vision to utilize BareFLEET sets a great example to the rest of the maritime industry in engaging with the benefits of technology to drive positive change.

“Reygar’s mission is to provide the full span of the maritime sector with innovative, adaptable means to address their operational and environmental challenges.

BareFLEET’s ability to integrate with Helm CONNECT and monitor performance across Crowley’s wider fleet is a key cornerstone of the collaborative spirit we support in the drive for industry-wide efficiency.”

About Reygar

Established in 2012, Reygar provides fully integrated remote monitoring and fleet reporting systems to the marine industry.

BareFLEET is a pioneering fleet monitoring platform that offers an unparalleled level of insight into all aspects of fleet performance and health. Developed to help maximise the operational effectiveness of fleets, BareFLEET automatically gathers a comprehensive set of engine, navigational, vibration, motion and health data, including fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions, vertical heave motion, tower impact and push-on force, plus indications of motion sickness.

For more information about Reygar and the BareFLEET platform, please visit:

About Crowley

Crowley is a privately held, U.S.-owned and -operated maritime, energy and logistics solutions company serving commercial and government sectors with nearly $2.9 billion in annual revenues, over 170 vessels mostly in the Jones Act fleet and approximately 7,000 employees around the world – employing more U.S. mariners than any other company. The Crowley enterprise has invested more than $3 billion in maritime transport, which is the backbone of global trade and the global economy.

As a global ship owner-operator and services provider with more than 130 years of innovation and a commitment to sustainability, the company serves customers in 36 nations and island territories through five business units: Crowley Logistics, Crowley Shipping, Crowley Solutions, Crowley Wind Services and Crowley Fuels. Additional information about Crowley, its business units and subsidiaries can be found at

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