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Damen signs contract with UK’s Portland Harbour for new ASD Tug

On 11 June 2024, Frederik van der Linde from Damen Shipyards Group and Mike Shipley from the UK’s Portland Harbour Authority (PHA) signed a contract for the delivery of one of Damen’s latest tugs, the Damen ASD Tug 2111. The ASD Tug 2111 is just 21-metres in length but delivers 50 tonnes of bollard pull and is highly manoeuvrable.

Other innovative features include the location of the winch in the deck house, which allows fore and aft towing operations to be conducted with a single winch, and a full vision bridge with an uncluttered 360-degree view. This along with a range of other features allows the vessel to be operated with just two crew. PHA’s new vessel will also be fitted with Damen’s SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system which will make it IMO Tier III compliant from the outset.

The vessel will be delivered later this year. Damen’s policy of building particular vessel types in anticipation of future orders means that customers of the ASD Tug 2111 can benefit from shortened delivery times.

Mike Shipley, General Manager (Marine) and Harbour Master at PHA, said, “Portland Port has the second largest man-made harbour in the world and we welcome a diverse range of vessels, including cruise ships. Our new Damen ASD Tug 2111 will be a valuable asset in managing the ships that use our facilities. As a government authority we are also pleased to be setting an example by using the latest clean technology to minimise emissions, particularly important given the sensitive countryside that surrounds us. Being able to take delivery so quickly is also an added benefit.” The Damen ASD Tug 2111 is also particularly well suited to the UK towage sector as it rates just below the MCA’s 200 GT threshold.

“We are delighted to welcome the Portland Harbour Authority to the Damen family,” said Frederik van der Linde, Damen Sales Manager United Kingdom and Ireland. “The ASD Tug 2111 has met with a strong reception since we introduced the class in 2023 due to it packing a great deal of capability into a compact hull.”

Picture From left to right: Frederik van der Linde (Sales Manager UK and Ireland at Damen), Arnout Damen (Chief Executive Officer at Damen), Mike Shipley (General Manager (Marine) and Harbour Master at Portland Harbour Authority) and Philippa Langton (Partner at Lester Aldridge)

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