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Royal Wagenborg saves 179.000 plastic bottles

A year ago Royal Wagenborg started out with a pilot with Hatenboer-Water bottle filling stations installed on board of six vessels. At this point, almost forty vessels are equipped with a bottle filling station who are part of the Plastic Free @Sea concept. Superintendent Izak van Rhijn and Gerard Zijlstra, Captain of the MV Rijnborg, shared their experiences with us.

Sustainability goals

“On board of our fleet we supplied bottled water for consumption. These bottles are made of single-use plastic. Every year we supplied more than 179.000 plastic bottles, which resulted in 2,8 tons of plastic waste. That does not suit a company with ambitious sustainability targets.”, Izak van Rhijn explains. “So we were very glad Hatenboer-Water offered a practical and long-term alternative with their bottle filling station. These units are equipped with special filtration equipment. The result is tasty fresh cooled water perfectly fit for consumption.”

Smart online calculator

With the online calculator, our clients can calculate theirselves the possible savings and ROI by implementing the concept, simply by filling out their crew, number of vessels and days of operation. In EUROUSD or SGD. With this concept shipowners can reduce the tens of thousands of plastic water bottles on board to virtually zero, saving cost and handling time as a bonus. At Wagenborg it resulted in savings of 179,000 single use plastic bottles.

Answer to crew concerns

Gerard Zijlstra, Captain of the MV Rijnborg: “A year ago a Hatenboer-Water bottle filling station was installed on board of our vessel. In particular, the Filipino crew was skeptical beforehand: they are not used to drinking water from the tap. In addition, after installation we found out that the water in the drinking water tank on board was not according to the standard. This happened because the ship had been stationary for a while. We needed to clean and test the system to solve the problem with the drinking water tank, so we temporarily switched back to bottled mineral water.
Once the problem was fixed, we put the clean water tap into use and I can only conclude that the bottle filling station works well. Despite the initial reluctance of a part of the crew and the start-up problems, now the entire crew makes full use of it. It tastes just like the water from the tap in the Netherlands (acknowledged to have the highest water quality in the world). In addition, it saves a lot of space and lugging bottles of water. With the mandatory drinking water test twice a year, which comes with the system, we keep onboard water quality at the highest level: fit for human consumption, chilled and with a good taste.”

Proven technology

For those who fear low-quality water in their tanks, Hatenboer-Water added a 3-step filtration unit, including a reverse osmosis membrane. Besides the technical specifications, we also offer toolkits helping our clients to convince their crew the water is safe to drink. From posters or whitepapers to digital magazines.

Royal Wagenborg

Founded in 1898, Royal Wagenborg is an international maritime logistics conglomerate. The family owned and managed company offers a variety of sustainable maritime logistics services, being a total solution provider with regard to dry cargo shipping, offshore services, towage services, agency services, maritime management services, warehousing and transshipment, crane rental and special and heavy transport. Wagenborg has built a strong global commercial network with offices in Sweden, Finland, Greece, Spain, Canada, Russia, the Philippines, and China. Overall they are managed out of the Dutch Delfzijl headquarters.

Only last week, the organisation has been awarded a Bronze Medal in recognition of her sustainability achievement by EcoVadis. This illustrates the performance on various indicators in the four themes Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. Hatenboer-Water is proud to be one of the partners to reach the organisation’s sustainability goals.

Please find out more on the dedicated page for this plastic free concept or fill out the calculator yourself directly.


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