Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Ampelmann sells two W-types to Ulstein Verft and Olympic Group

Ampelmann, the Dutch offshore access provider, has sold two W-types to the Norwegian Shipbuilding company, Ulstein Verft. The systems will be permanently integrated into the newly built CSOV’s that the offshore wind vessel supplier, Olympic Group, has ordered from the shipyard and are due to be launched in 2024. As Ampelmann’s third biggest sale of the year so far, the company is making marked strides in the SOV/CSOV market.

The W-type is one of Ampelmann’s latest electric motion compensated systems. The system is height adjustable and can withstand sea states up to 3.5m Hs. Tailor-made to individual vessels, this modular system can convert any vessel into an SOV/CSOV. Ideally suited for construction, commissioning and maintenance work on wind farms, the W-type’s variable height and automated landing software enables a safe and quick turnover of personnel and cargo during extended campaigns that require efficient servicing of multiple turbines. Outfitted with a lift and a gangway that doubles up as a crane, it can safely transfer both personnel and cargo up to 2000kg and remote-controlled trolleys can transport 400kg of equipment across the gangway.

“We are pleased to continue our long-standing working relationship with Ampelmann. Olympic has been working more or less continuously on offshore renewables projects for the last ten years, and these new investments shows our intent to continue to serve the renewable energy markets and clients also in the coming decades. Ampelmann W-type gangway permanently integrated onboard Ulstein SX222 CSOV’s will optimize our workability in a safe and efficient manner,” says Frode Andreassen, VP Commercial Renewables at Olympic.”

“We would like to extend our gratitude to Ulstein and Olympic for putting their trust in our systems and services,” says Caspar Blum, Ampelmann’s Area Manager for Business Development for Europe and Africa. “We share a deep commitment to bringing sustainable, safe and energy efficient access solutions to the renewable energy market and we hope this will lead to a thriving and prosperous partnership.”

“Alongside the system,” Blum says, “we will continue to offer our service package to Olympic. In the past fifteen years we have developed a robust service model to support our rental fleet. As we are transitioning into a selling company, we realise our services are as important as our technology. This means we will continue to offer workability forecasts, operator training, redundancy packages and provide logistical assistance to clients who buy our systems. Additionally, the 24/7 support offered by the company’s Operation Control Centre (OCC) will ensure that downtimes are kept to a bare minimum, meaning further increases in operational efficiency.”

With this sale, Ampelmann has sold a total of five W-types in the last four months. According to Blum, “this is a testament to the value our systems and services bring to the global wind market. In the coming years, tremendous growth is expected across the entire sector and the W-type is perfectly positioned to sustain the increasing demand for efficient access solutions in the renewable energy sector and the CSOV/SOV market. Ampelmann is ready for the imminent growth of the offshore wind market.”

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