Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The EAGLE-ACCESS Academy and its simulator will make your offshore operations safe and efficient.

At EAGLE-ACCES we take our job very seriously and that’s why the design and construction of the EAGLE guarantees safe and efficient transfers of people and cargo.

The operation is carried out by the crane operator of the vessel which results in saving costs and cabin space.

And that is where The EAGLE-ACCESS Academy with the simulator comes in:

Both the simulator and the EAGLE have the same software, which creates a digital twin and enabled us to debug the software even for extreme situations.

Working offshore in all circumstances, day and night, good and harsh conditions and all motions of the vessel can be simulated and hence be trained.

The operator must be well aware about using the system in the best way and what to expect in all circumstances.

An additional training at our EAGLE-ACCESS Academy, with all aspects of using the EAGLE, in various weather conditions as well as day and night operations as realistic as if you are on the vessels bridge.

In the simulator the position of the EAGLE on the vessel can be chosen as well as the height and orientation of the TP, which makes the training as realistic as possible.

The operator will also be trained to become the first line of support.

In our EAGLE-ACCESS Academy we show you an EAGLE operation, transferring both people and cargo, working on realistic heights and in every condition.

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