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Edda Wind awarded new Dogger Bank contract

We are proud to announce that Edda Wind has been awarded a new contract to enable the commissioning and construction of the first two phases of Dogger Bank Wind Farm.

Edda Wind and Dogger Bank Wind Farm have agreed on a new contract for the newbuild CSOV Edda TBN C490. The new contract will commence shortly after delivery of the vessel in Q2 2023, with a firm period of two years and an additional option of one year. The vessel will have 100 % utilization during the two-year period, being the only CSOV engaged all year round in the commissioning phase of Dogger Bank.

Edda Wind’s CSOV will enable the utilization of the world’s largest turbines, the first time they will be installed anywhere in the world.

“We are thrilled to be awarded the new contract, and we feel honored that Dogger Bank Wind Farm has selected Edda Wind to enable their ongoing development of the wind farm. We look forward to delivering safe and efficient operations to new and exciting clients. Our advanced and environmentally friendly vessels will help our clients lower their operational expenditures and reduce the carbon footprint of their wind farm projects”, says CEO in Edda Wind, Kenneth Walland


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