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Enmar Engines – first to secure Stage V certificate for methanol engines

Enmar Engines, part of the ScandiNAOS group is proud to announce that their DC16 MD97 is the first methanol engine to obtain EU NRMM Stage V certificate.

Each year, emission standards are getting more stringent to fulfill EU green transition goals, making future operations truly sustainable. Emission standards are focused on keeping the levels of pollutants under certain levels (nitrogen oxides – NOx, particular matter – PM, hydrocarbons – HC and carbon monoxides – CO). Latest set of emission standards for non-road mobile machinery (construction equipment, agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles) is EU Stage V. When it comes to PM levels, Stage V prescribes 97% lower levels compared to Stage I, while hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides are to be 94% lower. Compared to the last standard, Stage IV, PM limit has been reduced by 40% and additional PN limit of 1×1012/kWh is introduced. Enmar Engines follows these trends closely and steers their engines design development to stay in the forefront.

As in-house technical development has reached a satisfactory level, they had to pass two major milestones to get the certificate: legal emission tests for Stage V and prove the engine in operation. In the table below, you can see exact limits to each pollutant. In fact, Enmar Engines fulfill the requirements without SCR-exhaust after-treatment systems!

Enmar Engines – the first ones to secure Stage V certificate for methanol engines

(Sources: Dieselnet.comtheicct.com)

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