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FEEDERDOCK Wind Installation Solution Reaches Next Level

FEEDERDOCK, the Jones Act Compliant Offshore Wind Installation Solution, which was introduced to public in 2022 and which is poised to address the unique US requirements and the evolving shortage of next generation offshore wind installation assets, has reached a couple of milestones in the process of launching the vessel to market.

As the consortium led by Hamburg-based ONP Management and Boston-based Renewable Resources International told, it has now obtained both the European and United States patents. According to a spokesperson of the group this step is of highest importance to safeguard the unique design which provides an exceptional robustness and an unrivalled efficient installation process for offshore wind foundations and turbines.

Moreover, the consortium reveals the recent completion of the Basic Design, which has been performed in close cooperation with Hamburg-based Tractebel Overdick and reviewed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). This achievement marks an important milestone as it presents the basis for launching the construction phase.

As disclosed last year, the Jones Act Compliant vessel features a 3,200 tons crane with a hook height of up to 182 meters above deck, thereby FEEDERDOCK is able to install the 25 MW wind turbine generation including foundations up to 2,800 tons. Its leg length of 131 meters grants the ability to cope with water depths of up to 70 meters.

FEEDERDOCK applies proven European installation methodology with its U-shaped, global heavy lift jack-up installation vessel, paired with a US built feeder fleet docking inside the installation vessel before jacking-up as one combined unit. This unique arrangement avoids challenging “floating-to-fixed” component transfers at sea by enabling a secure “fixed-to-fixed” turbine installation process which is highly preferred by the leading wind turbine manufacturers.

Frank Witte, Project Director at ONP Management, commented: “We are delighted to announce that as a result from a 5-year profound technical development, FEEDERDOCK is now ready to enter the construction phase. As we are leading final negotiations with the respective charter parties for the vessel deployment in the United States and as the supply chain has been secured, we anticipate the physical construction start of the vessel during the year 2025. We are proud to truly contribute to the energy transition in the United States and globally and to take the offshore wind turbine installation sector to the next level.”

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