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Fischer Panda UK to supply onboard power systems for 18 MoD Police patrol boats

18 newbuilding MST HPB-1500 High Speed Patrol Craft for the UK & Gibraltar Ministry of Defence Police will benefit from super-efficient, compact and lightweight variable speed Panda 15i (12kW / 15kVA) marine generators.

The Panda 15i uses the proven and reliable Kubota D902 three-cylinder diesel engine. This robust workhorse of an engine runs extremely smoothly and quietly, at 54db(A) @ 7m (@ max rpm). Combined with Fischer Panda’s innovative inverter based variable speed technology, the result is an incredibly compact and lightweight high power output generator.

Twin Circuit Cooled for maximum cooling, and hence power generation efficiency, the unit weighs in at only 160kgs, which was a key consideration in this patrol boat installation where the required high transit speeds limited the maximum weight permitted in the machinery spaces. The 15i, aimed at all boats from 50-100ft from leisure vessels through to hard-working commercial craft such as these, is ideal for running high start-up loads such as multiple air conditioning units or systems, water makers, dive compressors and even electric cooking.

Additionally, Fischer Panda UK (FP UK) has supported the design of the patrol boats’ onboard Air Con systems. FP UK will supply 24,000 BTUs of Air Con provided for each vessel by two Dometic 12,000 BTU self-contained reverse cycle DTG units.

The launch and commencement of sea trials of the first vessel in the six-year building program was recently announced by Wirral, UK- based builders MST Group (Marine Specialised Technology Group).

The craft will replace the current 14.0m – 15.0m Police Patrol Launches currently in use by the UK Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) and Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP). Key roles will include protecting HM Naval Bases in the UK and Gibraltar and undertaking high-profile armed policing.

The craft will be powered by twin inboard diesel propulsion engines driving twin waterjets with a specific focus on low running costs, reduced environmental emissions and suitability for significant operating hours. The bridge will feature a fully integrated C4ISR and craft management system, utilising the latest open-architecture structure and state of the art shock mitigation crew seating. These improvements in craft capability will be a major advancement for the MDP and GDP.

The new design will join MST’s highly successful ‘HPB’ series of enclosed patrol craft as the new HPB-1500 and has been jointly developed with BMT. This is the same partnership behind MST’s larger HPB-1900 design of which two are already in active service with the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron.

Chris Fower Sales & Marketing Director, FP UK said: “These are high performance vessels with an important job to do. They will work demanding duty cycles and it’s been a real privilege to put together a power system package that will exceed a challenging brief. The main reason MST selected these generators was due to their class leading compact and lightweight design. As these are police patrol craft that could require high speed operations, weight was paramount. The added major benefit of variable speed technology ensured the power generation could be as efficient as possible under all load conditions. The additional work we conducted with Dometic on the Air Con systems will be critical to ensure that for the life of these vessels, crew comfort will be maximised, and this strand of the story provides a great example of how FP UK is now very much a systems designer and integrator as well as simply a supplier of power generation hardware.”

Chris Hurley, MST’s Police Patrol Craft Project Manager said: “High technology craft require a reliable and stable power supply. The Fischer Panda 15i gives us this supply and because of its compact design and is a light weight package for its performance, it is a good match for the PPC.”

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