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Furuno’s new Stabilized Fish Indicator (Fish Finder) Model FCV-38

FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (headquartered in Nishinomiya, Japan) is proud to introduce its stable Fish Size Indicator (Fish Finder) FCV-38 that will optimize your fishing operations thanks to split beam and multi-detection technology.

The FCV-38 is a high performance 4 kW fish finder with a 38 kHz transducer using split beam technology that provides excellent depth detection capability. It also contributes to reliable fish size estimation. In addition, it provides accurate information on fish schools and the seabed, even in stormy weather, thanks to a unique beam stabilizer.


  • Multi-directional beam transmission and reception provides simultaneous search and display in a maximum of five directions
  • Unique detection capabilities and stable image offered by a built-in motion sensor
  • Fish size graph(Max.3) allows estimation of fish distribution at a glance
  • Target graph allows tracking of a designated fish target
  • Capable of output scientific data (in netCDF4 format) and calibration
  • Long range detection in the deep sea, capable of 1,500m depth
  • Net sensor information* can be shown on the display
    *Compatible models: TE-155 (Marport), TS-337A (Imaginex) and TI system (Simrad)
  • Hardness and roughness graph allows monitoring of the seabed hardness and roughness
  • Scroll-back mode allows the user to review past data
  • Data recording and screen-shot function allow easy review of past echoes and recordings

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