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Humphree technology for prestigious UK navy patrol craft.

Two state-of-the-art 19.0m high-speed patrol craft will be constructed by Marine Specialised Technology Group in Liverpool, Merseyside for the UK Royal Navy. They will enable the Royal Navy to maintain the security of British Gibraltar Territorial Waters and protect British, NATO and Allied ships transiting through the region.

Putting technological advancement at the forefront, the new craft will be a step forward for the Gibraltar Squadron in providing a larger platform that has improved speed, handling, seakeeping and protection compared to the previous Archer Class vessels HMS PURSUER and HMS DASHER.

Construction of two boats will begin in July 2020 and will take approximately 18 months, with Boat 1 due to be delivered in Q3 2021/22 and Boat 2 in Q1 2022/23. For increased speed, range and comfort, Humphree electric trim and stabilization systems will be installed on the vessels. The Swedish company Humphree engineers and manufactures world leading marine stabilizing systems for the naval, commercial and yachting industries.

Active Stabilization with Interceptors and Fin Stabilizers.

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