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Incat Crowther’s Partnership with Azam Builds on Confidence

Incat Crowther is pleased to announce a contract to design a 53m Catamaran Passenger Ferry for Azam Marine of Tanzania, Africa, to be named Kilimanjaro VIII.

The vessel will be longer and wider than the 2019-delivered Kilimanjaro VII, measuring 53m by 12.5m. Passenger capacity increases to 654.

Kilimanjaro VIII will continue the use of the operator’s trademark parallel boarding system, whereby five ramps per side load passenger and cargo in segregated flows. VIP and Royal Class passengers board into a discreet stair tower directly to the upper deck cabin, whilst economy passengers load separately aft and midships. The fifth ramp is dedicated to luggage trolley movements.This well-proven boarding system ensures passenger classes and luggage trolleys remain separated, reducing turnaround time and improving safety, whilst providing exclusivity for premium passengers.

The new design will seat 340 passengers in its main deck economy cabin whilst the mid-deck cabin seats 36 VIP passengers and 12 Royal Class passengers in full lie-flat seats. The remainder of the mid-deck seats 266 economy passengers.

The luggage room houses up to 10 tonnes of luggage and cargo, whilst IMO HSC code-compliant stability enhances her safety credentials.

Kilimanjaro VIII will feature a modern evolution of the fleet’s style, with an edginess to her lines and a long, sleek profile. Combined with the introduction of a reverse-bow hull configuration, the vessel offers passengers a state-of-the-art ride.

The vessel will be powered by a pair of Cummins QSK95-M main engines. These will be rated to deliver more power to carry the increased payload over Kilimanjaro VII, which was the first fast passenger vessel to utilize this configuration. The large twin engine solution is an effective way of providing more speed and low fuel burn whilst avoiding the through-life cost and complexity of a four-engine power train. Engine room accessibility is improved over a four-engine arrangement, and maintenance and operational requirements are reduced. Additional dividends are realized in the routing and a reduction in the duplicity of systems.

Kilimanjaro VIII will be the 11th Incat Crowther-designed vessel for the operator and the 8th built by Tasmanian builder Richardson Devine Marine. Not only is the newbuild a sign of increased post-COVID confidence in the passenger market, it’s an ongoing demonstration of Azam’s confidence in the designer and builder.

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