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Innovative “Bring-to-Work” system to support Ørsted’s Hornsea 2 construction

Today Ørsted announced that Z-Bridge will support the Hornsea 2 construction, with Z-Bridge’s new development the “Bring-to-Work” system. The “Bring-to-Work” system will be deployed on the MHO Esbjerg a 39 meter CTV.

Bastiaan Spruit, General Manager at Z-Bridge said:

“We are extremely proud that we have been contracted to support Ørsted’s ambition to reduce the CO2 footprint and increase safety during transfer of technicians by CTV’s . The Bring-to-Work is a fully motion compensated offshore access system. It will allow teams of four technicians to transfer in a trolley direct from the CTV to the TP platform. By eliminating stepping to the boat landing and climbing ladders this will improving safety. We see that this will also significantly reduce the required visit time per TP, lowering fuel consumption and improving operational efficiency. The Bring-to-Work system is the first offshore access system installed on a CTV that is able to transfer people direct to the TP platform elevation.” 

The Bring-to-Work system is a lightweight fully motion compensated offshore access system. The system is designed to transfer teams up to 4 persons from a small vessel to the offshore structure.

The Bring-to-Work system will contribute to cost efficient operations, reducing the carbon foot print while Increasing the flexibility and safety of the offshore operations.


  • Able to operate from (smaller) DP vessels & CTV’s.
  • Fully motion compensated for roll / pitch /heave
  • Certified by Bureau Veritas for:

o   Transfer 4 persons in the trolley

o   Transfer 1 ton of cargo in the trolley

o   Hoist 3 ton  in crane mode

  • Able to dock at standard W2W interface
  • Own weight 25 ton/  footprint D=3,5  m
  • Quick mobilization (Plug & Sail)
  • B2W-002 & B2W-003 will be ready for operation mid 2021

Commercial & Media Contact Bastiaan Spruit General Manager Phone: +31 (0)6 534 28 011 

E-mail:,  website:


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