Wednesday, February 28, 2024

JRC Iberia supplies full bridge equipment for Amazonas river vessel

JRC Iberia is proud to announce the delivery of a complete bridge concept onboard the vessel
Amazonas II, which was built at Drassanes Dalmau shipyard in Barcelona, Spain.

The bridge supply is composed of a full JRC navigation and external and internal communication
package including VDR, ECDIS, Alphatron BNWAS, AlphaSea pilot and Talk-Back system
among others. The vessel, in which carbon fiber has been used extensively, is HSC Class A
Passenger Catamaran RINA classified at 352GT and a maximum LOA of 34 m with passenger
capacity above 300 persons.

Amazonas II is the latest passenger catamaran ordered by shipowner Consorcio Fluvial Del
Amazonas and will be operating in a remote area of Perú between the towns of Iquitos and
Cavallococha at the source of the Amazon River close to the Brazilian frontier, an area
completely surrounded by the Amazonian forest.

JRC Iberia’s recently appointed new building engineer, José Luis Gualda, has been in charge of
managing and commissioning the project in close coordination with the shipyard’s technical

Alphatron Marine Iberia, S.L.
T +34 915 022 196

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