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Keel laying ceremony for second Finnlines’ hybrid ro-ro vessel

Keel laying ceremony for second Finnlines’ hybrid ro-ro vessel

Finnlines Newbuilding Programme has progressed as planned, on schedule and as budgeted. All three new ultra-green ro-ro vessels ordered are in the production phase and the Nanjing Jinling shipyard has laid the keel of Finnlines’ second hybrid ro-ro vessel
on 12 May 2021.

The construction of MS Finneco II is proceeding and the keel laying ceremony was held on 12 May 2021 in China. MS Finneco II is part of Finnlines’ EUR 500 million Newbuilding Programme which includes two eco-sustainable ro-pax vessels in addition to the three hybrid ro-ro vessels. These new ultra-green vessels will provide several energy-saving solutions for a greener future. MS Finneco I will begin operating at the turn of the year. The second and third vessels in the series, MS Finneco II and MS Finneco III, will be delivered in 2022.

All three hybrid ro-ro vessels will start operating under the Finnish flag employing Finnish sea personnel. The Company currently has a fleet of 21 vessels and, after the new ships have started in operation, 20 Finnlines’ vessels will sail under the Finnish flag. These vessels play a vital role in ensuring the smooth supply of goods to Finland and provide regular sea connections from Finland to Sweden and Finland to Continental Europe and Great Britain.

“Finnlines has made major investments in renewing and developing its fleet into more sustainable, using the latest technologies and green innovations available. Our half-billion-Euro Newbuilding Programme is well under way and currently all three new ultra-green ro-ro vessels are in construction. The investments made already in the Finnlines’ fleet, as well as these new vessels, will ensure that we can provide very sustainable service to our customers,” says Emanuele Grimaldi, CEO of Finnlines.

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The construction of the Finneco II is progressing and the first keel-block of the new vessel was laid into the shipyard’s dry dock.


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