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Keel Laying Ceremony For Two Fast Ferries

Strategic Marine proudly hosted the keel laying ceremony for Two 40m 550 Passenger Fast Ferries for Government of Bermuda, with the Director of the Department of Marine and Ports Services for the Government of Bermuda and various supply partners participating in the project. The event, held on 16th April 2024 in Singapore, showcases the collaborative efforts between all parties and marks the significant beginnings of the vessel’s life.

The keel laying ceremony, a time-honored maritime tradition, symbolising the commencement of the vessel’s construction and represents a crucial step forward in the “Bermuda Ferries” project. It underscores Strategic Marine’s commitment to delivering top-quality maritime solutions that enhance marine connectivity and accessibility for communities.

“We are honoured and thankful for the opportunity to host The Government of Bermuda at this event and look forward to the next milestone of this project for us,” said Mr Chan Eng Yew, Chief Executive Officer at Strategic Marine.

This project is a testament to Strategic Marine’s expertise in designing and building vessels that meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. These ferries will play a vital role in improving transportation services for residents and visitors, contributing positively to the local maritime industry in the Bermudian waters.

About the Government of Bermuda, Department of Marine and Ports Services:

The Department’s primary role is to oversee marine affairs in Bermuda. As such, we are responsible for the safe movement of both international shipping and the operation of commercial and recreational boat traffic in local waters. The Department contributes significantly to the public transportation system through the operation of the Ferry Service, while we also have responsibility for port operations including Pilotage, Tug and Line Boat assistance and the maintenance of all marine Aids to Navigation. Salvage work, boat and mooring registration, oil spill response, offshore marine search and rescue and seaport security are just a few of our other areas of operational responsibility.

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