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KONGSBERG to supply technology for Cadeler’s latest Wind Turbine and Foundation Installation Vessel

Kongsberg Maritime AS is pleased to announce the signing of a new contract to supply technology and engineering for a second F-class Wind Turbine and Foundation Installation Vessel (WTFIV) for Cadeler, a shipping and construction company operating in the offshore wind industry.

This is the fourth Cadeler offshore installation vessel for which Kongsberg Maritime AS will supply its industry-leading technology. The new F-class vessel will be one of the world’s largest installation vessels in the offshore wind market when completed.

Kongsberg Maritime’s integrated solutions for offshore installation vessels will ensure operational stability, speed, and safety. The optimised thruster package, electrical solutions, and integrated control system, including dynamic positioning system, allow operations in all weather conditions and include digital tools needed to improve sustainability and reliability.

Kongsberg Maritime’s solutions are also designed to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs. Tailored energy control functions optimise the vessel’s energy efficiency, and the battery-hybrid electrical system includes advanced ThrustAllocator™ and PowerBoost™ functions. These can reduce the number of engines online and the amount of fuel required for crane operations and DP manoeuvring.

“We are pleased and honoured that Cadeler continues to see us as one of their strategic partners in delivering state-of-the-art technology required by the offshore wind industry,” says Halvor Økland, Tender Engineering Director, Integrated Solutions from Kongsberg Maritime AS.

Cadeler currently operates two, highly efficient offshore installation vessels and it is building four more; two X- and two F-class vessels. When these vessels are complete, Cadeler will have the world’s largest and most capable fleet of jack up vessels in the offshore wind industry ready to meet growing market demands. The first F-class vessel is already booked until 2030.

“The decision to build another F-class vessel is based on the strong market demand for assets specialising in installing foundations. Our yet-to-be-built F-class vessels have already been sought after by our customers,” said Cadeler’s Chief Executive Officer Mikkel Gleerup in a statement.

The F-class vessel will have 5,600m2 of deck space and a payload of more than 17,600 tonnes. The F-class has a unique hybrid design that allows the vessel to convert from being a foundation installation vessel to a wind turbine installation vessel within a short period of time, offering great flexibility for Cadeler’s clients.

The vessels will be able to transport and install seven complete 15MW turbine sets per load or six sets of 2XL monopile foundations, cutting down the number of transits needed for each project. The new F-class WTFIVs will support the largest dimensions in the offshore wind industry.

Construction of all Cadeler’s vessels is taking place at COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry’s shipyard in Qidong, China, and they will sail under the Danish flag. The latest F-class vessel is to be delivered in the second half of 2026.

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