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Kooiman design and construction of a green inland barge


Kooiman Marine Group has recently been commissioned by C. Zuiddam VOF for the construction and delivery of a barge with a Green Award Gold. The vessel will become one of the most efficient and sustainable barges in inland navigation. 

The barge, a type “Duijvendijker”, will be cleaner than the current applicable emission requirements for inland shipping. With 2 Euro 6 engines, she will not only amply meet the mandatory Stage V requirements, but also become the cleanest ship in the long-haul trade and lead the way in low fuel consumption. The dimensions of the vessel are 86 x 9.50 x 4.0 meters (L ao x W x H). With a cargo capacity of 2000 tons at a draft of 3.6 meters.

The ship will have hybrid propulsion. In normal speed there is 1 motor with a reduction gear on the propeller shaft. For the time being, the most efficiency can be achieved with this traditional method of propulsion. When temporarily extra power is required, a large generator with a Euro 6 diesel engine can supply electrical power to a PM electric motor, which is mounted around the propeller shaft. This PM electric motor can also function as a shaft generator, which generates power at normal speed for the other consumers on board.

Project leader Kooiman Engineering Wessel Boertje: “It will be the showpiece in the canal navigation on the way to CO2 neutral transport over inland waterways.

We had already built the hull on the basis of the expectation that renewal in the barges is inevitable. This appears to be the case, but unfortunately it also appears that the financial step is very big to have a new-build ship built. We have also helped with this. ”

“I have been sailing sand through the Netherlands and Belgium for many years and have been considering building new buildings for a while,” says Chris Zuiddam, owner of C. Zuiddam VOF. “You are now on the point: do I stay where I am and spend part of the earnings on maintenance or do I make a good investment in renewal. With the first you have the chance that after a while you will run behind the music and not get anywhere to work. By investing in innovation you will participate fully in the market for the next 20 years or more. I have now done the latter. Not only will I be sailing around with a ‘Duijvendijker’, but I’ll also be the cleanest of the fleet. The low fuel consumption of such a Euro 6 engine is also a bonus! ”

Rinus Kooiman adds: “We technicians try to design and build as efficiently as possible. What is not required in energy is also not necessary. By this I mean reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. When you design the ship optimally, you can achieve the same with less power (i.e. lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions). I emphasize that it is less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Nowadays there are so many solutions being devised to reduce CO2 emissions that only increase fuel consumption, that is not correct. We’ve been working on that. Green still costs a bit of money, but it will come back to you in this way. ”

“I look forward to working with Kooiman Marine Group to complete my ship,” continues Chris Zuiddam. “My wishes are carefully listened to and I am convinced that this will be my ship completely. 

Kooiman Marine Group has all disciplines available that are necessary for the design, construction and certified delivery of new ships. Craftsmanship and an eye for quality are the basis for purely tailor-made ships. See also our portfolio of inland vessels at With the order for this barge, Kooiman Marine Group shows that it is once again going to supply a quality ship in the barge trade, whereby this ship will also be at the forefront of the road to CO2 neutral transport over water.

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