Friday, September 22, 2023

Purus Wind contracts SEAONICS to supply the ECMC Gangway & Crane for new CSOVs

SEAONICS has received an order to supply the ECMC Gangway & Crane package for U.K based Purus Wind’s new CSOVs. The order includes delivery of equipment for two vessels, built by VARD for delivery in 2025 and 26.

Both vessels will be equipped with the all-electric ECMC Gangway & Crane bundled together in one package. The project represents an industry-first milestone, with both crane and gangway going electric. This is also an important contribution to the decarbonising initiatives in the industry.

“It is great to be able to work closely with a forward-thinking company like SEAONICS where operational feedback, design & innovation sessions allow us to continue to optimise offshore vessel performance” says General Manager for Purus Wind, Oliver MacManus.

Oliver MacManus (Purus Wind) and Ståle Fure (SEAONICS) with a firm handshake that marks the beginning of a promising collaboration.

“We’re humbled and honoured that Purus Wind has placed their trust in SEAONICS. With a proven track record, we shall continue to electrify offshore operations” says Ståle Fure, Head of Sales in SEAONICS.


Safe and efficient walk-to-work with Electric Controlled Motion Compensated gangway technology.


The SEAONICS Electric Controlled Motion Compensated (ECMC) Crane is fully electric driven, allowing for efficient handling operations for a sustainable future. The control technology for the well proven motion compensation developed by SEAONICS. The boom control, slew control and telescope control are all electric driven and dynamically used to perform the 3D compensation of the crane tip.

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