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Alewijnse and Ingeteam take major step forward towards a sustainable future

Alewijnse and Ingeteam have joined forces to work together towards a more sustainable world. Together, the two companies are taking a major step forward in the sustainability of the maritime supply chain by initiating and facilitating the development and integration of hybrid and electric propulsion systems.

Energy conversion and electric propulsion are the key to a clean future.

Challenges are transforming our world, with climate change and globalization having a significant impact on the maritime and industrial world. The demand for environmentally-friendly products and energy efficiency requires smart solutions to reduce CO₂ footprints and increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Energy conversion and electric propulsion are the key to a clean future.

Alewijnse and Ingeteam share the same vision for a sustainable world and will work closely together in offering energy efficient hybrid and electric propulsion systems, energy storage systems, electric motors and frequency drives. In these, digitalization and future technical developments will play an important role. Together, the companies will offer state of the art technology for all kinds of projects in the maritime industry.

Unique combination for the maritime sector

Combining the knowledge and experience of both companies will make it unique in the maritime sector. Ingeteam is a pioneer of innovative and advanced drive technologies for electrical conversion and energy, which are marketed in the Netherlands through partner Remat. With Alewijnse, the technology developer has chosen a major partner in the maritime market, with broad knowledge and experience in electrification and automation.

Gert Bravenboer, CEO at Alewijnse, said: “This combination of expertise and experience allows Alewijnse and Ingeteam to offer customers a one-stop-shop for the engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of electrical technology in the field of power conversion. Our combined experience in the most complex and advanced products will ensure that customers will get the best possible service and solution. This is unique in the maritime market.”

Alewijnse and Ingeteam take major step forward towards a sustainable future

Ecosystem full of changes

“Our ecosystem is full of challenges, like climate change and the deterioration of our worldwide supply chains. On top of that, an energy crisis is lurking around the corner, which will definitely have an additional impact on our market,” Bravenboer explains.

“At Alewijnse we strongly believe that partnerships play a vital role in speeding us up and innovating ourselves out of this situation. We need to have expertise in all our target technology fields, but it is not possible or necessary to be experts in all areas. 

So for some technology fields we aim instead to join forces with companies that have innovative portfolios and first-rate track records. We are therefore proud to announce that we have found such a partner in Ingeteam. Together we have what it takes to deliver successful projects as the main electrification partners.”

Ingeteam and Alewijnse are a perfect match. We have been looking for a large partner to serve the Dutch maritime market for a long time. We have tried to do business with other players, but they do not have such a complementary portfolio and service as Alewijnse.
With them as a system integrator we make a good combination. We both share the same vision and have long experience in the market, and can offer a full package of services, especially for large projects in the Netherlands.” – Iñigo Atutxa, Marine Business director of Ingeteam Power Technology.

We see Alewijnse as a trendsetter in the market, one of the few system integrators with whom we share the same vision of the future and ideas on working together. Other companies buy components or make their own products. Alewijnse prefers to leave certain areas of expertise to others. That view is quite special and one of the reasons why Alewijnse is a good partner for us.” – Fred van de Ven, managing director at Remat

Alewijnse and Ingeteam take major step forward towards a sustainable future

Future of the maritime world

Both companies just think that a sustainable future of the maritime world can only be secured by working together in the supply chain. Van de Ven: “You can no longer build a company with all the new technologies in-house. You can’t control that and you can’t guarantee it for years to come. I think those days are over. The companies that focus on partnerships will be the ones that will succeed into the future.”

Bravenboer: “If we try to develop new sustainable technologies in every area by ourselves, it will take far too long. But the demand is already there, as well as the specialisms in the market. Together with Ingeteam we can meet the growing demands of shipyards, fleet owners and their representatives for hybrid and electrical solutions that are fast, flexible, of high quality and efficient. In this way we are taking a big step towards a sustainable future.”   

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