Sunday, October 1, 2023

PIRIOU ATG ROMANIA delivers the ‘ZULU 06’ to Compagnie Fluviale de Transport, a subsidiary of the SOGESTRAN group


Compagnie Fluviale de Transport (CFT), a subsidiary of the SOGESTRAN group, entrusted the ATG shipyard the construction of a 55m self-propelled river boat. Delivered at the end of January, the ‘ZULU 06’ has left the yard and has just joined Le Havre. The barge will be equipped with its hydrogen system before commissioning.

Its design has been adapted to meet the specific requirements of the shipowner. Team
a crane, it is intended to carry out urban logistics operations on the Seine (swap boxes, big bags, pallets, etc.). With a carrying capacity of 450 tons, this boat is equipped with a new generation 528 kW Hydrogen Diesel-Electric engine that meets the STAGE V standard. classified Bureau Veritas “Inland Navigation 0.6” and meets ES-TRIN 2019 standards.

Vincent Faujour, President of the PIRIOU group, said: “We are very happy with this
first delivery of the PIRIOU ATG ROMANIA shipyard since its entry into the Piriou Group
end of 2021. This success will strengthen our very good relationship with CFT.”

The ZULU 06 has the following advantages:
• Carrying cargo on deck.
• Autonomy of manoeuvre, loading and unloading
• High manoeuvrability: main thruster and a bow thruster, both 360°
• Operational safety with integral electrical generation redundancy
• Man Machine Interface allowing driving from the wheelhouse by a single operator:
ballasting, piloting, drying, fire starting/stopping of all equipment
• Dual pump ballast system for fast operation
• On-board video system for manoeuvres and operations
• Hydrogen cell and modular batteries, on deck and below deck, accessible by hatches
to facilitate and secure maintenance and replacement.

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