Friday, September 29, 2023

Safe installation of XXXL monopiles up to 5000 mt

We at WINDECOM see that the installation vessel shortage has increased dramatically and getting under the spotlight and under higher pressure than ever.

With these predictions and the availability of WTG units over 20 MW by 2030 some radical vessel design measures are needed. 

A group of industry veterans assisting WINDECOM in various disciplines have developed a new jackup mono-pile installation vessel able to transport and install the next generation XXXL monopiles up to 5000 mt in the safest way possible. 

As we see more than 80 % of all offshore foundations will be utilizing the preferred monopiles installations, new vessels will be needed with very short notice and our cost-efficient vessel design is the way forward justifying large investment in this sector for purpose build units.

Besides adding the highest safety standards to our project, we also made our vessel design future-proof for the next decades while other vessel designs are feared to get obsolete or must undergo large and expensive modification that will negatively impact their OPEX budgets.

A new transport and installation method is needed to handle safely these XXXL monopiles to satisfy the offshore wind developers and operators. We see that the existing and the under planning monohull and semi-sub vesseldesigns are still planning to lift these massive monopiles with lifting-slings and/or other lifting and transport tools that will result in extensive risks of damaging monopile units far over 3000 mt. Massive modifications and even larger mission-equipment will be needed and will negatively impact the OPEX of these vessels. 

The innovation we bring with our new vessel lies in the safe horizontal handling of the monopile starting at the fabrication yard and we will safely roll-on to our installation vessels by SPMT transporters. Risk-full crane liftswill not be required in the port and/or at the offshore locations and the monopile will always stay supported over the full length. To roll-on the monopiles we have installed innovative roller on the tilting and lifting beams to allow a smooth roll-on and roll-off at the offshore location.

This new transport and installation process will produce the optimum support positions for heavy monopiles and eliminated all risk of buckling and getting any other major damages on monopiles over 3000 mt.

We aim to build our units for under the 250 Mill USD range while already contemplating price range for large monohull vessels entering close to 500 Mill USD as they need large and expensive mission equipment’s. 

We are inviting all offshore wind developers, operator and contractor for an introduction Teams call where we will outline all the details of this project. Just drop an Email at:

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