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Power & PropulsionElectricLaunching the world's first electric foiling water taxi - Candela P-12

Launching the world’s first electric foiling water taxi – Candela P-12

Introducing Candela P-12 – Combining a supreme passenger experience with low operating costs

Candela P-12 is a 12-person water taxi that lets passengers experience the magic of electric hydrofoiling. With an electric pod motor, P-12 can cruise in almost total silence, without disturbing marine wildlife with wake or sound pollution. P-12 allows passengers to get up close and personal with the best nature can offer, while offering operators an 85% cost reduction over existing combustion engine vessels.

The electric, hydrofoiling Candela P-12 is the world’s first electric taxi boat with long range and high speed. Thanks to Candela’s innovative hydrofoil system, already market-proven in the leisure boat Candela C-7, P-12 flies silently above the water at speeds up to 30 knots.

An experience unlike anything before it

With an endurance of more than 2 hours at 20 knots, P-12 is the first electric water taxi that can cover long routes at high speeds. DC fast charging replenishes the battery in under one hour. 

But P-12 also offers the passengers an experience unlike anything before. Flying in total silence, above the waves, it creates virtually no wake that would otherwise damage nearby vessels or harm marine wildlife. This allows you to go fast where others can’t, without disturbing the peace.

A superior electric alternative

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable taxi boat, a thrilling rib or an economical sightseeing boat, P-12 will outperform the competition. Soaring above the chop at 30 knots without slamming or noise, it provides passengers a tranquil ride – even in rough seas.

Thanks to Candela’s proprietary Flight controller and computer-stabilized hydrofoil system, P-12 offers a stable and smoother ride than any other vessel in its size.

The climate shell is designed for panoramic views and ensures passenger comfort in conditions ranging from sub-zero temperatures to tropical heat.

Both the main foil and the aft foil can be retracted for running in shallow waters, or when storing the boat on land.

The best electric vessel – with the lowest operating costs on the market

Switching from a combustion engine to an electric boat shouldn’t be a tough decision. With P-12, there’s no trade-off between economy and environment.

One of the big benefits of our hydrofoil technology and proprietary electric drive train is the low operating costs. P-12 consumes 80% less energy than conventional combustion engine water taxis, or in other words, less energy per passenger than a family car. This means that even in markets where fossil fuels are subsidized, P-12 will be considerably cheaper to operate than comparable combustion engine vessels. With a gasoline price of 0,6€ per liter, P-12 will in fact be about 85 percent less expensive to drive.

Next generation technology – already on the market

Candela’s hydrofoil technology is tried and tested in the Candela C-7, the world’s first electric hydrofoil leisure boat, which currently is the best-selling electric premium boat in Europe.

Our Flight controller, software and sensor suite have been extensively validated in serial production craft since 2019. So far, no other company has succeeded in bringing an electric hydrofoil boat to the market.

All components, from the control system to the carbon fiber hull, have been developed in-house by Candela’s 50-strong team of engineers and technicians based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Candela P-12 shares many components with its bigger sister, the P-30 ferry currently being developed for the city of Stockholm. P-12 is available for pre-order at and deliveries will begin in late 2022.


Length 8,5 meter

Beam 2,5 meters

Capacity 12 passengers

Motor Electric pod motor

Cruising speed 22 knots

Top speed 30 knots

Range 45 nautical miles in 22 knots

Benefits of Candela’s electric hydrofoils

Minimal impact

Our craft are specifically designed to have a minimal impact on marine life. Candela’s electric hydrofoil boats use 80% less energy than conventional craft and have the ability to travel far and fast on pure electricity. This means a 100% reduction in emissions, particulate matter and NOx. At the same time, Candela’s efficient foils and maintenance-free electric pod motor reduces the operator’s annual costs by 85%.

Safety first

Computer-controlled hydrofoils ensure a safe and smooth ride, even in rough seas. Candela’s proprietary Flight controller has been extensively tested and validated since 2014.

This means a 95% reduction of wave g force compared to conventional ships – and the very end of sea sickness.

Faster trips

No other electric water taxi can cruise for over 2 hours at 20 knots. With a top speed of 30 knots and the ability to sustain high speeds while foiling in choppy seas, P-12 can outperform many faster craft when the going gets rough – without sacrificing passenger comfort.

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