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Steel motoryachts of Linssen Yachts!

Steel Motor Yachts

Linssen Yachts builds steel motor yachts from 9-16 meters (30 – 50 feet) in its 45.000 square metre shipyard in Maasbracht, Holland. From the first sketch, development, prototyping and complete production. Everything is done in-house.

A business that began life as a small boatyard in 1949 has become a market leader in the steel yacht building sector within three generations. Linssen Yachts is a byword for steel displacement yachts of superior quality and for continuous innovative product and process development. In each decade since the company was established, Linssen Yachts has been the driving force behind innovative ideas for modernising the yacht building process. And it remains so today!


Linssen Boating Holidays

Visit one of our stunning Linssen Boating Holidays destinations and enjoy your luxuriously equipped Linssen yacht to best advantage.

You can charter a luxury Linssen motoryacht in many European countries: The NetherlandsBelgiumGermanyCroatiaUnited KingdomFranceSwitzerlandFinlandIreland and Norway. Each destination has its own charm and unique qualities. It’s up to you to decide where you want to spend your holiday on the water.

Relax on the water and spend your boating holiday on the Linssen yacht that’s designed with you and your travelling companions in mind.

Linssen Yachts Range

Grand Sturdy 30.0 AC

With the small 30.0 AC and Sedan, Linssen Yachts demonstrates that ‘space’ is a relative notion, and that sailing characteristics do not depend on dimensions. The 30.0 is a match for the larger yachts in the Grand Sturdy series

Linssen Yachts Team

Yvonne Linssen

Yvonne Linssen

Owner (Sales & Marketing)

Ed Houben

Managing Director

Linssen Yachts

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